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22.5.20 Starlings Class Blog - FRIDAY, by Miss Gillam

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 7:34am

Hello hello! 


Well I think I melted a little bit yesterday, it was so hot again! I hope you all managed to safely enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine over the past couple of days. It’s looking like it might be a little bit cooler this morning, get outside if you can! ☀️


To celebrate Hot Choc Fri this week, the staff have put together a little video of the poem called The Great Realisation. The poem explains all of the good things that have come out of lockdown.  I hope you like it! We love thinking of different ways we can let you all know we are thinking of you and missing you. https://youtu.be/ms3Y8qC9zWw


Please continue to follow our attached timetable today. I have also listed some additional activities that you might enjoy having a go at below. Enjoy!



Any two-digit number can be shown using tens and ones. For example, the number 34 can be partitioned into three lots of ten and four lots of one. Can you partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones by playing the game linked below?



  • Can you create an African Inspired Pasta Necklace?  Create a colourful necklace using pasta and paints.

  • Can you make your own Fruit Kebabs? Perhaps you could create a rainbow inspired healthy snack?




Can you read and spell our Year One Common Exception Words? Use these catchy songs to help you.




Faith at Home

Join the Oak Academy weekly collective worship session for this week, led by Church of England’s schools and in partnership with those of other faith traditions. Please select Week Two: Courage (primary).




No Outsiders


I would also like you to explore another beautiful picture books which focuses on our No Outsiders theme today. I have chosen a lovely story called ‘Egg’ for you to enjoy with your family today. Here is a YouTube link where you can listen to the story being read by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the authors of the story.


There are a selection of activities for you to choose from once you have listened to Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet reading you the story on YouTube. I would love to see some of this work from you. I really hope that you enjoy this, as this story has a really important message. I wonder if you can let me know what you think the message of this story is?

Please see activity booklet attached below. Drawing or writing your own version of these activities into your exercise book or onto a piece of paper is just as valuable. Please do not think that you need a printer to be able to complete these activities.












I have attached a brilliant PE game for you all to play at home today or at some point over the weekend/holidays. The first player to complete 3 activities in a row in the winner. Have fun with this one, Starlings!