Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness

Who's Who





Headteacher: Mrs J Powell

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Downing

Owls – Reception: Miss I Dalby 
Starlings – Year 1 Teacher: Mrs L Esling
Swallows – Year 2 Teacher: Mrs N Rice 
Robins  – Year 3 Teacher: Mrs U Whittingham & Mrs G O'Marah
Goldfinches – Year 4 Teacher: Mrs J Evans & Mrs L Judge
Skylarks – Year 5 Teacher: Miss R Beattie
Toucans – Year 6 Teacher: Mr R Corkill

SENCO - Mrs G O'Marah


Teaching Assistants

Mr P Beswick
Mrs S Hoskins

Mrs D Hulse

Mrs P Rathbone

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs J O'Connor

Mr P Morrall

Miss G Wilkinson
Mrs C Simmonds

Mrs J Southern

Mrs R Westland


Office Staff

Bursar: Mrs L Bacegalupo

Admin Assistant: Mrs H Barker

Midday Assistants
Mrs W  Turner – Supervisor
Mrs J Wyatt

Kitchen Staff
Kitchen Supervisor: Mrs D Macey
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs K Murphy

Site Staff
Site Maintenance Officer: Mr D Kettle
Cleaner: Mrs J Wyatt
Cleaner: Mrs W Turner

For more information see the dedicated Governor Page.

Co-opted Governors: Mr J Barker (Chair of Governors), Mr D Nield, Miss K Waugh,  Vacancy
Ex-Officio Foundation Governor: Vacant
Foundation Governors: Mrs M Sheen, Mr I Cliff
Local Authority Governor: Mr D Marshall 
Parent Governors:  Mrs J Holman, Miss Z Clancy, Mrs R Widdowson, Mr P Gibbon

Headteacher: Mrs J Powell
Staff: Mr D Kettle

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