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Our class teacher is Miss Beattie and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Esling. 









Welcome to Year Three Robins class!


This year Robins class will be following the theme 'Time Travellers'. We will be running this theme throughout all of our learning and linking it to our topics and our exciting Refugee Project. 


Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term, Robins class will be exploring the Stone Age and the Iron Age. We will be learning all about the lives of the earliest humans, how they survived and what their achievements were. We will also be developing our inquiry skills by asking and answering historical questions using a variety of sources. 


This term we will be focuing on three lovely stories to inspire our writing work. In Autumn One we will be working on producing a letter based on the story 'Seal Surfer' by Michael Foreman. In Autumn Two we will be writing fantasy stories based on the book 'Winter's Child' by Angela McAllister and a non-chronological report based on 'The Snow Dragon' by Vivian French. 


Please click to access our Year 3/4 Statutory spelling words. 


In Autumn One we will be working on number recognition, place value and addition and subtraction. In Autumn Two we will be working on inverse operations, multiplication and division. 

A key focus for us this year is learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. 


Please have a look at the national curriculum expectations for Year 3 by clicking here. 



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