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Toucans 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Year 6 Toucans Class

Our teachers are Mrs Downing and Mrs Whittingham. Mrs Judge will also be helping us to deliver the English curriculum. Our teaching assistant is Mr Beswick. We all look forward to taking your child on a journey of exciting learning.

Our theme for this year is Conflict. We will be investigating the causes of conflicts and their impact on us. We will be finding out about conflicts that have taken place in Great Britain since the arrival of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. We will also be researching conflicts that have happened in different parts of the world including looking at World War 1 and 2 in more detail. We will be asking ourselves many big questions which will provide the foundations for our enquiry based learning around these conflicts. We will be exploring if these conflicts could have been avoided, what  we have learnt from these wars and how can we prevent future conflicts from taking place. Our class trip to the Imperial War Museum of the North will build on our learning and allow us to see many exhibits that we will be discussing in class before hand.  

Autumn Term

We love reading and use books to inspire our writing. We will be starting the year reading Star of Fear, Star of Hope by Jo Hoestlandt alongside The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. 

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Please click to read our Meet the Teacher PowerPoint Meet the Teacher Sept 2019

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Words you should know by the end of Year 6.

The National Curriculum expects children to be able to spell all of these words by the end of Year 6. Don't try to learn them all at once: check off the ones you can already do, and choose a few at a time to learn and practise at home.

Year 5 6 Spelling Words



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