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Swallows 2019 - 2020

Mrs Rice

Welcome to Year Two Swallows Class

My name is Mrs Rice, I am the class teacher and Mrs Elson is our classroom assistant. We love working together in Swallows class. Our favourite time of year is our annual resisdential visit to Fox Howl at Delamere Forest where we explore forest habitats, build dens, toast marsh mallows around a bonfire and get very muddy! We also enjoy a visit to Nantwich museum where we all become detectives and learn about the Great Fires of London and Nantwich as well as an exciting visit to The Manchester Jewish Museum in the summer term. This year is particulairly exciting as we are emabarking on a research project with Chester Zoo which begins with a whole school outing to the zoo! 

We are exploring the following fabulous texts in our writing lessons this year: Troll Swap, The Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark, Dragon Machine, Major Glad Major Dizzy, The Last Wolf and Grandad's Secret Giant, 

Swallows class also endeavour to become competent in our 2,5,10 and 3 times tables as well as knowing and using the associated division facts. Mrs Elson and I are looking forward to a busy, fun filled year of new learning opportunities. 

Spring Term

Our writing focus for this half term is based upon the fabulous story 'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward. The children will explore the character of George and the cheecky dragons. We will be reinforcing the use of  exciting noun phrases, the use of adverbs, commas and conjunctions in order to extend our sentences. Throughout the unit of work, the children will be writing persuasive letters, designing their own dragon machine, writing instructions and exploring other areas of narrative. Look out for the huge dragon's egg that is about to land in Swallows classroom!

The Dragon Machine (Book & CD) (Book & CD)

Swallows class are preparing for our residential trip to Fox Howl at Delamere Forest in February. There we will explore fantastic activities such as: den building, stream walking, toasting marshmallows around the camp fire, identify habitats, map work, arts activities and share an over night adventure together. We can not wait!

Fox Howl Photos: 

Summer 2019

What an exciting term the Swallows are having so far. We have been looking after our own caterpillars.

Each day we have observed and measured them. They are currently in their pupa stage, silently transforming into butterflies. We are so excited to see them emerge and note their transormation. 

This term we are reading Major Glad Major Dizzy by Jan Oak. We have become experts at our inference skills, always looking for clues in the text. This unit focuses on how to write in the past tense using possessive apostrophes and beautful descritption. We will be writing our own diaries from the view point of one of the toys in the story. 

Image result for major glad major dizzy

During the summer term, Swallows class have explored the palm oil issue as part of our Chester Zoo project. We have investigated how deforestation is impacting on the elephants and other animals in Borneo and Sumatra. We have written persuasive letters and non chronological reports, researched the climate in Borneo and compared this with Delamere as well as investigating the rights of elephants. This has been amazing. We are passionate about this environmental issue and have all made  a pledge to use sustainable palm oil.  Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson are extremely proud of our investment and the way we have explained our passion to visitors during our exhibition. 






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