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Y2 Wk beg 20.01.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 17th Jan 2020 @ 5:46pm


Swallows have had a fabulous week using our new Power Maths books, ask the children all about them! We enjoyed a productive Booster session on Thursday, these will run for the whole term on a Thursday evening until 4.15pm.

This week we are beginning our new book The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward. The children will be asking questions about the characters and writing dragon descriptions. We will also explore how to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Powell to ask for her help with the pesky dragons.

Our maths work will contiue to focus on subtracting 2 digit numbers.

Please can all children read three times a week at home? This is vital to encourage their love of reading, fluency and understandng. Thank you for your continued support with this.

Times Tables Rock Stars has lovely games on for our children to consolidate their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

A little reminder that we have our SATs meeting onn  Monday 20th January at 2.30pm and 5pm in our classroom. Please come along to find out how we are supporting the children with this. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson


Y2 Wk beg 06.01.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 9th Jan 2020 @ 5:02pm

Happy New Year and welcome back to school.

Thank you for our many Christmas gifts and wishes, it was very kind of you.

It has been lovely to see the children again this week and listen to their stories from the Christmas holidays.

We have been very busy with maths investigations this week, applying our addition skills to help us to solve problems and puzzles.

The children are writing a non chronological report about Owls linked to our text The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. Their use of commas and adverbs has been excellent.

Next week, we will be focsing on subtraction of 2 digit numbers, introducing our new text The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward and exploring moral questions about the Titanic before moving onto learning about the invention of the aeroplane by the Wright brothers. 

Our spellings are words that have the suffix ed to make them in the past tense:

waved, shaded, liked, phoned, cycled, replied, cried, married, chatted and stopped.

Please come and see myself or Mrs Elson if you have any questions.

Many thanks

Mrs Rice

Y2 Wk beg , by Mrs Rice

Date: 28th Nov 2019 @ 12:15pm

Hi Everyone

What a busy week we are having in school. Lots of Christmas play rehearsals and church services to get ready for. Mrs Elson and I are really pleased witht the children's writing. They are working so hard on their letter formation, joins, adjectivces and adverbs. We will continue to focus on this in our wrinting next week as we become poets. Our maths work will focus on addtion problem solving. We will be exploring contractions in our spelling work. The children learn that when two words are contracted into one, for example can not becomes can't, the apostrophe stands for the letters that are missing. This week's spellings are:

can't, didn't, I'm, he'll, she'll, I'd, couldn't, wouldn't, won't, we'd

Please continue to read at home with your children as often as possible, it is crucial for their love of reading, attainment and progress. We require three comments each week from an adult to ensure that the children receive a raffle ticket and have a chance of winning. We are having lots of fun, learning our words for the play with expression. Please come and see Mrs Elson or myself if you have ay questions. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice

Y2 Wk beg 25.11.19, by Mrs Rice

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 6:23pm


We had such a fabulous day at the Maritme Museum,we were so pleased with the children's attitudes and behaviour, they made us very proud. We have produced some beautiful art work as a result of the trip. Next week we will be busy preparing crafts for the Christmas Fair which is on Wednesday at 2pm as well as rehearsing our lines for the Nativity. We have some excellent performances on the way for you! Thank you for supporting us with costumes. The children will be writing poems based on their Titanic learning as well and continuing with our inference and deucation skills in reading. In maths, the children will be adding 2, 2 digit numbers that cross the tens boundary using equipment such as place value counters and number lines. 

Our spellings are sill based on homophones, where the word sounds the same but can multiple meanings and spellings. 

see, sea, where, wear, pear, pair, whole, hole, knot, not. 


As always, please come and see Mrs Elson and I if you have any questions. 

Wk Beg 04.11.19, by Mrs Rice

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 4:14pm

Swallows have had a super first week back after half term. They have explored the bar model in Maths to help their understanding that addition can be done in any order.  We have started our new story "The Owl Who Was Afraid Of the Dark" by Jill Tomlinson. The children have been introduced to the main character, the cute baby barn owl, Plop. Next week, the children will continue with addition of multiples to ten that total 100 and the addition of 2, 2 digit numbers. In Science, the children will be exploring materials and investigating using torches, which material is the most suitable to make curtains that block out the light. 

Our spellings are words that begin with the 'n' sound using the letters 'kn.' 

knight, knit, knead, knee, knife, know, knot, knock, knuckle, kneel. 

Please come and see Mrs Elson and I if you have any questions. 

Y2 Wk beg 21.10.19, by Mrs Rice

Date: 25th Oct 2019 @ 8:38am


This week the children are writing their own version of Troll Swap, inventing new characters and using a wide variety of noun phrases. We will be exploring Bible stories for example Moses and the Burning Bush and thinking about the meaning of the story. In maths we are looking at number bonds to 20 and how they can help us to calculate larger numbers. We are having a No Outsiders focus, looking at different families and how every family is different but equally special. Friday is a non uniform day, please can KS1 children bring a chocolate donation for the Christmas Fair?

Mrs Elson and I have had a fantastic half term with our children. We hope that you all have a gorgeous break and look forward to seeing you after the holidays. Please remember that the first day back, Monday 4th November is an INSET day. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson

Y2 Wk beg 21.1019, by Mrs Rice

Date: 17th Oct 2019 @ 2:40pm

What a busy week we have had! Mrs Elson and I have been so impressed with the quality of the children's handwriting, noun phrases and conjunctions. The children have been busy solving place value number problems. Thank you to everyone who came to see me at Parent's Evening, it was a real pleasure to chat with you all and gain a full picture of the children. 

Next week, we have a non uniform day on Thursday, please can KS1 childrn bring a bottle for the Christmas Fair?

Our focus is going to be addition within 20 and using these facts to calculate larger numbers. We will be using the part part whole and bar model to look at how the number facts are linked. The children are going to be writing a story following our class text Troll Swap. They have invented a new character to add in and will be following the main plot as well as including exciting noun phrases, conjunctions and voacabulry from the text. 

Our spelling focus this week adding the suffix 'ly' to a root word to describe how an action is done

Our words are: sadly, loudly, bravely, gladly, quietly, slowly, quickly, softly, carefully, easily. 

Please come and see either Mrs Elson or myeslf if you ever hhave nay questions. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice 

Y2 Wk beg 23rd September 2019, by Mrs Rice

Date: 18th Sep 2019 @ 1:46pm

Hi Everyone

The children have been so busy with their learning, Mrs Elson and I are particularly proud of the presentation of maths work in our books, well done Swallows. This week we will have a session with Teresa on Wednesday 25th September as it is National Fitness Day. Our weekly gymnastics lesson is every Tuesday afternoon. Please can all children have their PE kits in school every day, as if we have a nice afternoon, we may sneak an extra session in! The children will be creating a new troll character in our writing lessons that we will use in a story shortly. We will continue to explore the conjunctions 'and, but and because' as well as creating exciting noun phrases eg The shy, unusual troll hides in the shadows during the day but at night time, he roams the streets searching for new friends.  We will deepen our understanding of how sources of evidence can teach us about the past in our Titanic lessons as we read letters that were found from passengers to their families. In Maths, the children will be exploring how to add and subtract multiples of 10 from a 2 digit number by exploring patterns and relationships. Just a reminder about home reading. Please can the children read with an adult at home at least three times a week as this is so important for their progress. Thank you for all of your continued support. It is lovely to welcome such happy, smiling children every day.

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson

Y2 Wk beg 16.09.19, by Mrs Rice

Date: 12th Sep 2019 @ 11:21am

This week the children will be delving deeper into our class text 'Troll Swap'. They will be learning how to use noun phrases effectively to describe characters and setting as well as how to use the conjunctions 'and, because and but.' We will be consolidating the skill of 'find and copy' in our reading lessons, using evidence from the text to support our thinking. I have asked the children to be the teacher when they read with you at home and ask you their own 'find and copy' questions! In Maths we will be learning the value of 2 digit numbers and partitioning them into their tens and ones. The children will be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 and learning their ten times tables by looking at patterns and the realtionships between the multiplication and division fact eg 3 x 10 = 30 so there are 3 lots of 10 in 30 so 30 divided by 10 = 3. Our topic work is becoming more and more exciting as we explore the theme of 'Help'. Who helped during the Titanic disaster? Did the right help arrive on time? How could the help have been improved? It is great to see the children being so enthusiastic in their learning. Mrs Elson and I are continuing to reinforce the ideas of being Ready, Respectful and Safe with the children. 

A reminder that our visit to the Liverpool Maritime Museum is on Tuesday 19th November. Further details to follow nearer the time. 

As always please come and talk with myself or Mrs Elson if you have any queries. Please find attached this week's spelling list which focuses on question words. We have a little spelling test each Friday. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice 

Y2 Wk beg 02.09.19, by Mrs Rice

Date: 5th Sep 2019 @ 10:53am

Welcome to Swallows class and to our  weekly blog. I will post a blog each Thursday to let you know what the following week will entail and the learning that the children will be taking part in. Firstly, Mrs Elson and I would like to congratulate our new children on thier attitudes and behaviour this week. They have setled into Y2 so well and have arrived each morning with huge smiles which is a delight to see. Hopefully the children wil be sharing their learning with you on the Titanic disaster which has captured their interest greatly. Our reading challenge is up and ready, three comments each week in diaries equals a raffle ticket and really supports the children's reading progress. Please talk with your child about what they have read, what they have enjoyed and the meaning of any tricky new words.

Next week we will continue with our class text "Troll Swap" by Leigh Hodgkinson. The children will be making predications about the story and looking at character information that we gain from the text. We will be constucting sentences focusing on correct punctuation, letter formation as well as the use of the conjunctions 'and' and  'because' within our writing.Our maths learning will focus on place value. The children will be counting forwards and backwards in steps of 10 from any given number and partitioning 2 digit numbers into tens and ones using equipment. We will also be positioning numbers to 100 on  a number line. In Science, the children will be learning about the properties of materials with Mrs O'Mara by going on material hunts around school and taking part in investgations.

Thank you for your continued support, we are always available after school if you need to discuss anything with us. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson 

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