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Ethos Group 2018 - 2019

This year Ethos Group have started to lead the opening and closing  whole school worship. They run a lunch time bible story group, which focuses on the termly christian Value, giving all children to chance to come together and explore the meaning of the Christian value within their own lives. 

Ethos group also runs creative opportunities for the children to to explore Christian values is creative ways. They also gather ideas and to support classes with their reflective areas and feedback to classes using questionnaires  for yearly events such as Interfaith week.

Pupil Voice…

Muslim Worship – 'He was really nice and there was a lot to learn'.
He asked many questions.

The activities were good we did Sikh posters.

We learnt different thing about different religions.

Captain Becky from the Salvation Army, she helps many people.

Punjabi dance that was fun.

I liked making the plastic crosses with sand.


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