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Goldfinches 2021 - 2022

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Look what we learn about in Year 4:

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We are so excited to have you back and are looking forward to our next adventures together this Autumn Term.

Please remember the link to our weekly blogs is at the bottom of the class page.



Mrs Evans will teach Tuesday-Fridays and Mrs Judge will teach Mondays. 




This is our class theme for the year. We will consider the Legacy left behind by the people of Ancient Greece and Rome and the Legacy we would like to leave to our future ancestors through our impact on the world and people around us. 


‘Escape From Pompeii’ by Christina Balit  is a fictional historical story based on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pomeii in AD79. It follows the journey of 2 children trying to escape to safety.

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After half term we will go on a journey to an island in the Pacific with the beautiful book 'When the Giant Stirred' by Celia Godkin

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During our shared reading lessons, we will focus on increasing our vocabulary and understanding of an increasing range of words.

We will use both fiction and non-fiction texts to improve our ability to predict, retrieve, infer and deduce and learn to comment on the author’s intent, purpose and viewpoint.

Our first shared reading book is from the fascinating DK Find out series: 'Volcanoes' by Maria Gill


After half term we will join Ariki on her adventures in the Island of Wonders to support our learning about islands in the Pacific Ocean.



We will promote the love of reading through daily sessions of quiet independent reading where the children will have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Please continue to support your child to read at home daily (a mixture of aloud to you and quietly to themselves) and in Year 4 it is so important that you continue to read aloud to your child regularly.


We will continue to follow the Read Write Inc Spelling scheme and the Y3/4 statutory spellings with spellings from these lessons sent home weekly for parents to support. In class we focus on practising spellings through a range of games and activities. Look out on the weekly blog for the spelling list.

Spellings to learn at home will be set and tested weekly.


This Spring we will focus on mental calculation methods in our  Arithmetic lessons. Monday maths with Mrs Judge will have a focus on Coordinates and measures (cm, m, km, ml, l, g, kg). During the rest of the week with Mrs Evans we will focus on  subtraction methods and multiplication methods. After half term we will learn division methods and explore fractions and decimals.

Year 4 is a key year for times tables with the Government expectation being that children will know all of their times tables to 12x12 and the related division facts by the end of Year 4 when they will sit the online National Multiplication Tables Assessment. We will use the time first thing in the morning to practise and learn our times tables and will have mini tests each week to work through our times tables. This term the focus will be moving from the 9x to the 11x 12x and 7x tables. Look out on the weekly blog for links to online times table games.

Please support your child to continue to play TTRockStars at home.

 History and  Geography

This half term we will finish our study of the geography and history of the people of Ancient Greece and will move on in time to exploring how the Roman empire grew and how it changed Britain. We will visit the Chester Grosvenor Museum on 1st March to enjoy a hands on and practical learning day to bring all our learning to life.

Art.png Art

In Art we will study the Artist Henri Matisse and explore the styles and techniques he used in his work.

DT icon.png DT 

In DT we will learn about healthy food and make links with the ingredients used in Greek Salads. We will taste test, design and prepare our own Greek Style salads. We will tinker with circuits alongside our science topic to make a working torch.


Our Science focus this half term continues with the digestive system, food and making healthy choices. We will be investigating and exploring the digestive systems and the importance of a balanced healthy diet. Later in the term we will learn how to make a simple circuit and about keeping ourselves safe with electricity.

 RE   RE display photo(1).jpg

In RE this half term we will learn about Islam and then after February half term we will move on to Salvation with Mrs Judge  on Mondays.

 PSHCE - No Outsiders, Heartsmart, Minfulness

This half term we will focus on 'Too much selfie isn't healthy' and then move on to 'Don't rub it in rub it out' after half term. We will use Smiling mind, peer massage and mindfulness activities to help us to learn about the importance of our mental health and well being. Our No outsiders books are 'Dogs Don't do Ballet' and 'King and King' this term.


PE will be on Mondays and Fridays this term. Monday PE is team building games. Fridays is Dodgeball. From 20th January Y4 will also go swimming on Thursday afternoons.

On PE days your child will come to school wearing their PE uniform and remain in it all day.

Please remember all long hair must be tied back and earrings either covered with tape or removed at home.


Goldfinches will have their Ukulele lessons this term with an external teacher.


This term Goldfinches will learn German with Mrs Judge.

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