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Goldfinches 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Goldfinches Class


We are so excited to have you back and are looking forward to our next adventures together this Spring Term.



Mrs Evans will teach Tuesday-Fridays and Mrs Whittingham will teach Mondays. Mrs Shimmin will be continuing as our Student Teacher until Easter and then will be back with us for the last few weeks of the Summer term.




This continues as our class theme for the year. We will consider the Legacy of Lockdown, the Legacy left behind by the people of Ancient Greece and Rome and the Legacy we would like to leave to our future ancestors through our impact on the world and people around us. This term, we will be making links through worship with the Global Goals and linking these to aspects of our learning through different subjects as well as our beautiful grounds.


‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith will take us on a magical journey to help us write a recount and diary entries.



Our new book is The Train to Impossible Places’ and will take us on a magical and whirlwind tour to some incredibly imaginative places!

During our shared reading lessons, we will focus on increasing our vocabulary and understanding of an increasing range of words.

We will use both fiction and non-fiction texts to improve our ability to predict, retrieve, infer and deduce and learn to comment on the author’s intent, purpose and viewpoint.

We will promote the love of reading through daily sessions of quiet independent reading where the children will have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Please continue to support your child to read at home daily and in Year 4 it is so important that you continue to read aloud to them.


We will continue to follow the Read Write Inc Spelling scheme and the Y3/4 statutory spellings with spellings from these lessons sent home weekly for parents to support. In class we focus on practising spellings through a range of games and activities.

Spellings to learn at home will be set and tested weekly.


This Spring we will focus on mental and written methods of multiplication and division and problem solving. We will recap multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 and multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10 and 100. After Easter we will move on to Fractions.

Mrs Whittingham will continue to teach weekly arithmetic lessons which will focus on developing fluency in a range of mathematical areas.

Goldfinches are working so hard with their times tables and have really impressed me so far this year. This term will recap the x9, x7, and introduce the x11, x12.

Please support your child to continue to play TTRockStars at home.

 History and  Geography

After half term we will continue our study of the geography and history of the people of Ancient Greece to investigate what their legacy was and why they are such an important people to find out about. We will use Art, Drama and Dance to help us explore their culture in more detail. After Easter, we will find out about the Ancient Romans, their Empire and the impact their arrival made in Britain on the Celtic people.


Our Science focus this term is healthy eating, teeth and digestion. We will be investigating and exploring what makes a healthy diet, the effects of sugar on teeth and how the digestive system works.



RE this Spring is Salvation and Easter which Mrs Whittingham will continue to teach on Mondays.

 PSHCE - All Together Now

This is our whole school topic for the first half term which will celebrate us being reunited as a class and as a school. Team games, mindfulness and circle times will all help us to get to know each other again and Art projects will help us celebrate our team spirit and togetherness.


PE will continue to be on Mondays and Fridays this term. On PE days your child will come to school wearing their PE uniform and remain in it all day.

Please remember all long hair must be tied back and earrings either covered with tape or removed at home.


It is Goldfinches’ turn to learn to ply the ukulele with Dan our specialist music teacher. I can’t wait to hear everybody playing together.


This term Goldfinches will learn German with Mrs Judge’s recorded lessons.

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