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Tuesday 22nd September, by Mrs Evans

Date: 21st Sep 2020 @ 10:41am

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Good morning Goldfinches. I really hope yesterday went well for you. I am so proud of how hard you worked and I really do think you are all superstars.

I know from the feedback on the Discussion page that the sound buttons were quiet or didn’t work so I’m trying to improve that for you.  

Remember if you need any resources to help you with your home learning (Paper, pen, pencil, colouring pencils) please ask an adult to phone school.

Paper packs are available to collect from school today. Please phone the office first to order one if you would like one.



Money- See the Power point attached. Today is all about adding money so you might find it useful again to collect some coins from around the house to help you but remember to ask an adult first before you empty their purse again!



Poetry- See the Power point attached. We are continuing with our Poem ‘The Brook’ by Alfred Tennyson.



Did anyone find out when Alfred Tennyson wrote his poetry? You could find out a little bit about him- when and where he lived. We can add him to our class timeline!   Use https://www.kiddle.co/ to help you search.



What are you reading today? Remember you can choose your school book or your book from home. Remember to get an adult to sign on Tuesday in your Week 3 page of your diary so you will still be able to collect your raffle tickets when we are back in school.


 Brain Break

We normally go around the track outside for our brain breaks. If you can- go out and play for a while. Can you jog on the spot? Do 10 star jumps? How many keepie uppies can you do with a ball or pair of rolled up socks?

If you can’t get outside, choose a Go Noodle activity to keep you active. https://family.gonoodle.com/



Have a go at reading, saying in a sentence and spelling words with the suffix ‘cian’  

Today’s word: Politician               (word family words: politics, political)

Yesterday’s word: Musician        (word family words: Music, musical)


  Times Tables

Use the attached 100 square (or the one in your pack) to colour in all of the multiples of 3. Now can you use the same sheet to circle all of the multiples of 6? What do you notice? Can you explain the pattern to someone at home?

TTRockstars   https://ttrockstars.com/   Where can you get to on the leader board today?




Do you remember our Christian Value is Thankfulness this half term?


In worship this week we are thinking about counting our blessings.

Have a look at the quote above… talk about what you think this might mean with someone at home. You can share your ideas in today’s Discussion. I would love to hear them.

Please click the link to take you to Mrs Powell’s worship this week. https://youtu.be/Lem502LC1vc