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27.11.20 Swallows Class Blog, by Miss Gillam

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 10:04pm

Hello and welcome back to Swallows class blog.


We have had another busy week of laughter and learning in Swallows class this week.  We have been making Christmas cards, reading play scripts, creating costumes, signing songs, playing musical instruments and using our best acting skills to perform the Christmas story.



Swallows have enjoyed creating and describing their own new characters in our writing lessons this week. They sequenced events from our story ‘Troll Swap’, created story maps and started writing their own innovated version of the story. We will complete our ‘big write’ next week.

Our Maths learning proved to be quite a challenge this week. We have been solving subtraction problems using exchanging. We continued to use the column subtraction method to help us. Here is a video showing how to use the column subtraction method at home. In Year Two, we only calculate within 100.




Can you solve the problems below? Please record on a piece of paper or in your reading diary.

Read Write Inc

Blue & Yellow Group

Green Group

Grey Group

Pink & Orange Group

Text: A box full of lights


New sounds:

tion – pay attention, it’s a celebration


cious- scuptious delicious


ue- come to the rescue


kn – knock knock, who’s there?




Text: Tug Tug


New sounds:


Ar – start the car

Or – shut the door

Air – That’s not fiar


Please continue to speed read both your Set 1 and 2 sounds at home.


Text: Andrew


Spelling Focus: Homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings.


see sea

son  sun

blue  blew

night  knight

saw  sore


Challenge: How many homophones can you think of? Record them in your diary.

Text: My sort of horse


New sounds:


Ow – brown cow

Ai – snail in the rain

Oa – goat in a boat


Please continue to speed read your set 2 and 3 words at home.



Please use your 'Look-Cover-Write-Check’ whiteboard to learn these spellings at home. The children are really enjoying making up their own little rhymes to remember their spellings in school. Perhaps you could think of some to help you to learn how to write our spellings this week?

clothes  could  cold  door  even

Quiz date: Friday 4th December 2020


Home Reading

Thank you to everyone who has been reading at home this week. We have had lots of diaries signed and consequently the children have been given raffle tickets for our special reading raffle. Will we beat our record once again next week? We were so close last week!

Please contact me via the school admin email address or give me a ring if you need me, I am always here to discuss any questions or queries.

Have a great weekend Swallows!


Many thanks J

Miss Gillam

Starlings blog 26.11.20, by Mrs O'Marah

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 9:04pm

Good evening Starlings, welcome to this week's blog. 

We have had another busy but super week in class. Things are getting very festive and we are in full rehearsal mode for our Christmas performance. Watch this space! 

Thank you to Ethan's family for donating the beautiful and very special reindeer to our class. We absolutely love it! 

Here's a little snapshot of what we have been up to this week and what we are looking ahead to next week. 


In Phonics this week we have been learning: 

Red group

Book: 'Cluck'

Sounds focus: th, ch, sh, qu

Green group

Book: 'Chips'

Sounds focus: ck, ow, oi

Pink group

Book: 'Tab the Cat'

Sounds focus: ow, ai, oa

Orange group

Book: 'Haircuts'

Sounds focus: ck, ai, oa

Yellow group

Book: 'A Model Bird'

Sounds focus: wh, ph ,ue


We have been working hard this week on completing different part, part, whole challenges. Next week we will be moving on to learning number bonds to 10. 


We are absolutely loving our class story 'Nibbles the Book Monster' and we are getting so much fantastic writing work from it. This week we have focused on singular and plural forms of words, and retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk by writing a diary entry. Next week we will write letters to tell the other characters how they can stop Nibbles from eating their books. We will also predict the ending of the story and write lists for Nibbles. 


Please remember to practise spellings this week again, ready for our quiz on Friday. Thank you for the continued efforts with learning these. It is clear to see how hard the children have been working at home and it has such an impact in class! 


Take care and have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs. O'Marah, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Esling and Mrs. Southern

Toucans ending 27.11.20, by Mrs Whittingham

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 5:10pm

Week ending the 27th November

Wow! What a busy week we have had getting ready for our Virtual play. The children have been fabulous, making props, learning lines, signing songs etc.


Thank you for supporting your child with their homework this week.

Remember they can mark their Maths work themselves at home (answers are in the back of the books). However, we would still like them to bring in their books every Thursday to check that they have done the homework and if they need any help with particular questions, Mr Beswick will be able to work with them before we return the books to the children on the Friday.

Maths Homework

Pages 29 and 30 Fractions due in on Thursday 3rd December

Spellings to be tested on Friday 4th December


Admitting, forgotten, committed, beginner, referring, regretted, forbidden, preferred, stoppable, wettest


In Maths we are continuing our work on Fractions by comparing fractions and by adding and subtracting fraction

In English we are starting our new writing unit based on the book Star of Fear, Star of Hope, which links nicely with our Conflict topic as well.

In RE we will be working on our new topic on Christian Community. We will look at how Christians worship and how they come together as part of a community.  

In Science, we will continue with our topic Light exploring sources and how light travels.

In Geography, we are learning about where places are in the world, developing our map reading skills.

In History, we are finding out about life in the trenches and general life during World War 1.

Home Reading

Thank you to everyone who has been reading at home. We have had lots of diaries signed and consequently the children have been receiving their first raffle tickets for our reading draw.

We have been enjoying quiet reading time in class this week so the children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their new books.


Our PE day is Friday so please send your child to school wearing their PE kit on that day.


Kind regards,

Mrs Whittingham, Mrs Downing and Mr Beswick

Week beginning 30th November, by Mrs Evans

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 5:09pm

Welcome to Goldfinches' Weekly Blog. 

  Star of the week: Congratulations to Nuo Yu .

 Top Table: Congratulations to Isabelle W.


 Home Reading

Wow! Well done to so many of you reading regularly at home – you are really impressing me with how much progress you are making.


Spelling focus: words with the pre-fix ‘sub’

subzero, subway, submarine, subheading, subtitle, submerge, subdivide, subsoil, subcontinent, subscribe

Spelling tests are on Fridays. The spellings will be glued into your child’s diary every week.

  Times Tables

6x table and 9x table.

Sing along with the Number Jacks for the 6x table this week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CGnFEp9k24

Practise your speed tables with Snappy Maths http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/6xtable/interactive/newlook/6xtableintd.htm

TTRockstars- Let’s see how many Y4 rock stars we can get on the leader board! Login details are on a sticker in your child’s diary. https://ttrockstars.com/

  This week in…

Dance… we have had fun choreographing our toy soldier dance and are learning about synchronisation and movements in canon.

Writing/computing...this week we have enjoyed publishing our gorilla reports using the computers. We have written a diary entry from Hannah’s point of view and are practising writing direct speech using a speech sandwich.

Shared Reading: We love our 50 Animal Stories book and have enjoyed exploring vocabulary and answering questions about ‘Why Hippo lives in water’

Maths: This week we have used place value counters to recap the column addition method and have extended this to adding 4-digit numbers.

PE: PE will continue to be on Mondays and Fridays with Mr Ault. Dodgeball and Netball at the moment.

Worship/PSHCE: We have enjoyed listening to Mrs Powell’s story about being part of the same team. We are all contributing to a gorgeous piece of sunflower Artwork which we have been inspired to create by Henry Fraser. During our PSHCE session we watched the second part of the growth mindset video clip and created our own statements for both fixed and growth mindset.


Science: We have really enjoyed investigating which materials allow the current to flow through the circuit and make the bulb light up in our electricity topic.

Music: We are beginning to learn to sign ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘Jingle Bells’



Finally, thank you all for your continued support, please e-mail or phone the school office if you would like to speak to me about anything.

Mrs Evans

Skylarks W.B. 30.11.20, by Miss Beattie

Date: 26th Nov 2020 @ 1:08pm

Hi everyone and welcome back to our weekly blog 😊

We have had another super week in Skylarks Class! The children have been busy making props and rehearsing for our Christmas Play and Carol Service and cannot wait to share these with you virtually before the Christmas holidays.

Next week in our writing lessons we will be focussing on Annie Edson Taylor’s journey down the river towards the edge of Niagara Falls. We will work collaboratively to create a story map of her journey before writing our own first person account.

In maths we will be problem solving and reasoning using our knowledge of addition, subtraction and inverse operations. The children will work together to solve word problems, carry out investigations and give reasons for their answers.

In reading our focus remains on drawing inferences. We will be using our ‘thinking out loud’ and ‘visualising’ techniques to infer characters’ thoughts, feelings and motives. We will also continue to make comparisons within and across texts.

In RE, we will be thinking more about the titles given to Jesus at Christmas time. We will be looking specifically at the title ‘Emmanuel’ and discussing what we think it means.



Over the next few weeks in school, the children will complete NFER assessments in maths, reading, spelling and punctuation and grammar. We will be taking it at a slower pace than usual this year by spreading these out across the next 3 weeks. We will also balance these days with lovely Christmas activities to ensure the children’s wellbeing remains a priority.



In Year 5 we are going to start setting the children a small amount of maths homework to be completed each week. Homework will be set on a Friday, starting tomorrow 27th November. The children will be told which pages they need to complete and I will also include these on our blog. The children are then asked to mark their own work at home using the answers provided in the back of the book.

If your child is unable to complete their homework at home, Mrs Hulse and I will ensure that supervision is provided on a Wednesday lunchtime so that they can complete it in school. During this lunchtime, any children who may be struggling on a particular question at home can also come to ask an adult for help.

Children are expected to return their completed and marked homework to school the following Friday when it will be stamped by a teacher and new homework set.

The children should complete pages 6 and 7 this week, to be returned by 4th December.

Please encourage your child to read and practice their spellings/times tables in addition to their new maths homework.


Our spellings for the quiz on Friday 4th December will look at words containing the -ible suffix:

possible, terrible, legible, horrible, sensible, reversible, credible, visible

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

If you have any questions of queries please do not hesitate to contact me via the school admin email address or telephone 😊

Miss Beattie

20.11.20 Swallows Blog, by Miss Gillam

Date: 20th Nov 2020 @ 6:21am


Hello everyone! Welcome back to Swallows class blog.


I can’t quite believe that it is the end of yet another week already. Swallows have been so busy this week!  We continued to learn how to use written methods to solve addition and subtraction problems during our maths lessons. Can you answer the questions below in your reading diary?


78 – 16 =         84 – 41 =      29 – 28 =     43 + 31=