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Skylarks 2019 - 2020

Mrs Whittingham

Mrs Whittingham is the class teacher for Skylarks. Mrs Esling is our Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Esling       Mrs Whittingham

Summer Term 

This term we will be focusing on our exciting Zoo Project! We will be investigating the impact of Palm Oil plantations in Indonesia, how we need to protect wildlife there and to encourage everyone to only use products that come from a Sustainable Palm Oil Plantation. We will be finding out about the Sumatran Tiger, in particular, and how we can ensure the safety of this species in the wild.  We will be comparing and contrasting physical and natural featues in North America with those found in Indonesia. We will also be finding out about animals that are under threat in North America.

Literacy in the Summer Term

A lot of our reading and writing this term will focus around persuasive texts. We will be studying The Paperbag Prince by Colin Thompson in detail.


Our amazing Zoo Project Work


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