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Owls 2022 - 2023

January 2023


This Term: Ticket to Ride!

The children will be exploring where we live in the UK, comparing our little village of Lostock to the big city of London. We will be taking about where we have been around the world and go on a journey to find out about different countries, thinking about how the plants, animals and weather might look different.

We will also be investigating how we might take different types transport and vehicles to go on our adventures, how has transport changed over the years and why is it important to think about the environment when we travel.


Numeracy: We will be continuing to count and order 1-10, including counting backwards. We will be introducing partitioning sets of objects 1-5 using the part whole model. We will be exploring measurements and shapes, using them in more complect repeating patterns.

Key Texts: Hattie Peck-The Journey Home​, Our World- A first book of Geography​, All are welcome: people around the world​, Fatou fetch the water​, Walk this world​, The Snail and the Whale​, The Naughty Bus, Mr. Gumpy’s Outing 


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September 2022

Hello! Welcome to Owls Class!


Meet the Early Years Team

In Owls Class we have Miss Dalby, the Class Teacher with Mrs Hoskins and Mrs Rathbone.


This Term: Magical Me!

Autumn is a lovely time of the year – putting on our warm jumpers, having hot chocolates with marshmallows and looking at the amazing colours on the trees! We will be looking at the different changes we can see at this time of year through our autumn walk and hopefully will have some little, prickly visitors coming into our class!


This half term is all about Magical Me!  We will be talking about starting school, our families and how we share our feelings like the Worrysaurus and the Colour Monster. We will also be celebrating everyone being unique and special in Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly!


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We are looking forward to welcoming you to our fantastic Owls Reception class!



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