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Owls 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Owls Class!

Our class teacher is Mrs Campion and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hoskins.

We are the youngest children in school (Reception Class) and are always very very busy. Our day starts with register and lunch choices and then daily phonics session. Our exciting environment (both inside and out) helps us to learn new things each day. 

Spring Term

This term our topic is 'Are we there yet?' Are you ready for an adventure? Where in the world could we go? How could we travel there? It’s time to discover transport, travel and places near and far!
This term, we’ll go on a fantastic journey and see how many forms of transport we can use. Thinking about the transport we’ve taken to go on holiday, we’ll use maps to consider where we’d like to visit next. What should we pack? We’ll draw and write about imaginary journeys and make predictions about how many vehicles we will find around school. As part of our music work, we’ll accompany stories and songs about transport with music and movement. How far can inflated balloons travel? We’ll play with them to find out. In our science lessons, we’ll learn about floating and sinking by building miniature boats, and find out about friction by rolling cars down ramps. We’ll also talk with a crossing supervisor about road safety, learn about high-visibility clothing and design an incredible imaginary vehicle using a computer program.
At the end of the project, we have a very exciting trip to Manchester Airport.

Our class texts this term are Naughty Bus and The Journey Home.

In Maths, we will be counting and comparing numbers up to 10, combining two groups to find the whole and finding number bonds to 10. This term we will also be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them.

Autumn Term

This term our topic is 'What happens when I fall asleep?'  Why are there stars in the sky at night? Does everyone go to bed at the same time? It’s time to find out more about night time. Snuggling up with comfy cushions and blankets, we’ll listen to bedtime stories and nursery rhymes. Zzz... Wide awake once more, we’ll learn about people and services that work at night, the Hubble Telescope and nocturnal animals. We’ll also find out more about how good bedtime routines can have a positive impact on our health, and take part in a series of bedtime challenges. Ready, steady, brush your teeth! In our maths lessons, we’ll play with the shape and size of star patterns, and create moons of different sizes out of sparkly play dough. Getting creative, we’ll make star mobiles out of silver sequins and glittery pompoms.

Our class text this half term is:

After half term, our topic is 'Will you read me a story.' Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? These are some of the questions we will be exploring in our magical topic all about fairytales!

We will be reading lots of fairy tales including:

We are looking forward to a very exciting first year in school!







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