Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness

Religious Education (RE)

As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Religious Education is taught in line with the Cheshire West and Chester Agreed Syllabus (July 2019). This is supplemented by material supporting our Christian Ethos from the Diocese of Chester which enables us to provide a rich and varied curriculum covering key concepts and ensuring that quality resources are used such as Understanding Christianity to reflect our school vision ‘Children are at the heart of everything that we do and Christ is the light that guides us’ John 8:12

We teach Religious Education in a progressive and continuous way throughout school. The children explore key religious concepts (Creation, Discipleship, Incarnation, Resurrection, God, Christian Community, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Forgiveness and World Religions)  that start with a key question, encouraging oral discussions that value everyone’s contributions and puts the children themselves at the heart of everything we do. Our lessons support our children in developing their understanding of the concept through: making links to their own beliefs and experiences, exploring the bible and other important religious texts, asking questions and recording their responses. 

Philosophy for Children (P4C) strategies are often used to encourage children’s thinking about challenging questions, and teachers act as facilitators rather than knowledge-givers. Traditional P4C follows a series of stages. Children see or read a stimulus, think about the ideas in it, create questions, evaluate the questions, and then choose one to talk about, investigate and explore further.

We evaluate our children's learning against the key questions on our long term plan as they progress through a unit of work.

Trips out and visitors into school are carefully tailored to the current religious topic. Through pupil voice our children regularly say they love the trips and visitors because they are fun and exciting. 'Our weekly worships with 'Open the Book' are particularly popular amongst our children. 'I love to hear the Bible stories and get a chance to act out the story', I liked the story of the tax collector because it had an important message and was fun to act out', 'The Good Samaritan was my favourite story as I got to dress up'. Our children's work is valued and displayed in our individual RE books, around school and on Twitter. The very high standard of RE at Lostock Gralam has been recognised by the school achieving the Gold RE Quality Mark (2018).


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