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Week beginning 21.10.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 16th Oct 2019 @ 9:36pm

This week:

Goldfinches have had another hard-working week and have enjoed beginning to explore a range of Ancient Greek Myths through reading and drama.

It has been lovely to get the change to talk to you all at Parent's Evening and thank you for taking the time to come to see me.

Coming up next week: Wow- we are in Week 8! This half term has flown by! 

Non-uniform day on Friday 25th- please send in a bottle of something in return as a contribution to our Christmas Fair stalls.

Please save any glass jars (jam, sauce, mayonaise etc) and send in to school so we can use them for a mindfullness activity. (If you don't want your child to carry it in to school- please just pass them to us first thing in the morning or pass to the school office. 

Writing: We will continue to use a range of Greek Myths to inspire our writing. Please encourage your child to re-tell any of the myths they have learned at school. 

Reading: Non-Fiction Greek texts.

Spelling: We will focus on more words from the Y3/4 word list (column 1) 

Maths: Addition and subtraction methods and solving addition and subtraction word problems and puzzles.

PSHE: We will use one of our No Outsiders books 'Red' as part of our lessons teaching the children acceptance and individuality.

PE: Games with Mr Ault on Monday morning. Please remember to bring a pair of spare socks and a tracksuit/joggers and warm top as the weather is starting to get colder now. Trainers would also be more suitable than pumps as the children will be on the field. Cricket all Wednesday afternoon. This will be the last cricket session.

RE: We will continue our focus on the Sikh religion and look at some of the important Sikh symbols.

Science: More on teeth and how to keep our teeth healthy.

Computing: We will add to the Digestive System quiz we started and test to see how well it works.

Thank you all as always for your support,

Mrs Evans, Mrs Brennan and Mrs O'Marah.




Week beginning 14.10.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 8:33am

Wow what another great week we have had in Goldfinches class!

Thank you to all of the family members for coming to our 'Come and Join Us' session and for embracing all of the activities with so much enthusiasm (and competitiveness) I can just see you all taking over the park for a parents vs children cricket match next! 

Earlier in the week we enjoyed meeting Kevin and his beautiful guide dog Urwin in worship where we found out what it was like for Kevin to be blind.

Coming up next week: 

Book Fair- This will be in Y5 classroom after school each evening Fri 11th, Mon 14th, Tues 15th Wed 16th Oct.

Journey Man- he will be coming in on Wednesday for a lovely afternoon of storytelling.

Literacy- we will be starting to explore Greek myths, heroes, mythical creatures and settings for our next piece of writing. 

Reading- We will explore and share a range of Greek Myth stories.

Spelling- Words with the prefix 'inter'

Maths- Addition and subtraction strategies and understanding the inverse.

Science- Exploring the results of the investigation into different liquids on our teeth and ways to keep our teeth healthy.

PE- Games with Mr Ault (outside if dry- please bring joggers and tracksuit top to keep warm and spare socks in case the field is wet)  This week there will be no Cricket because of parents afternoon - but Goldfinches will have a whole afternoon of cricket the following week (23rd Oct) instead.

Thank you for all your support at home to listen to your child read, practise their spellings and work on their times tables. 

Mrs Evans, Mrs Brennan, Mrs O'Marah


Week beginning 7.10.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 2nd Oct 2019 @ 10:21pm

Another busy week and Goldfinches have produced lots of work to make us proud.

We welcomed Mr Mellor this week who will be with us until February while on placement for his PGCE teaching degree.

Goldfinches worked hard on their performance poem for the Harvest service and we would like to thank everyone who donated to the Mid Cheshire Food Bank. (We are happy to continue to pass on any further donations which arrive in school) 

Remember this Friday 4th October the children have an extra PE session with Mr Ault on Friday morning.

Coming up next week: 

COME AND JOIN US: Wed 9th 2pm-3pm. Bring your trainers!

Please could you send in any empty glass jars which have been washed and lables removed for a project later this half term. 

Writing: We loved reading the final part of Gorilla this week and will be working on writing our own stories based on the same theme.

Reading: More of Voices in the Park as this week we spent time focusing on the preparation of the Harvest Poem.

Spellings: Words with the suffix 'ly' 

Maths: We will focus on Roman Numerals and, over the next few weeks, will begin to look at addition and subtraction methods. More times tables: reviewing the 5x and learning the 6x tables. 


Have a go at the TOPMARKS times table Bingo game to help your child with their fluency and recall.

Science: Teeth - types and how to keep them healthy.

Art: We will be exploring sketching and learning to draw a human figure in proportion. Please send an old (named) t-shirt or shirt for your child to keep in school and wear during messy art sessions.

History: We will be learning about ancient Greek art and the stories its artwork can tell us.

PE- Games with Mr Ault on Monday morning. While the weather is still dry enough, lessons will be  working outside. Children can bring a tracksuit (joggers and top) to keep them a bit warmer. Also, as the grass may be a little wet first thing in the morning, please pack spare socks in PE kits.

Cricket on Wednesday. We would love parents/grandparents to bring their trainers and participate in our cricket session alongside the children on Wednesday during our Come and Join Us session. (2pm-3pm Wednesday 9th October) 

Finally, just a gentle reminder for children with long hair to please have it tied back for school.

Thank you for your continued support, 

Mrs Evans, Mrs Brennan and Mrs O'Marah

Week beginning 30.9.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 25th Sep 2019 @ 9:29pm

This week: 

What a sporty week Goldfinches have had!  We have seen such enthusiasm and perseverence from them all.

Well done to all of the children who stood for the class councillor role. We were so impressed by their confidence in delivering their speeches. We had a democratic vote and used a ballot box. Congratulations to the newly elected councillors Layla and Kailum.

Thank you for all of the hard work you are all putting in to your reading, spellings and times tables at home. We are all so proud of you all.

Coming up next week:

Harvest: We will be preparing for our Harvest Festival in Church on Wednesday morning. Please help us to support the Mid Cheshire Food Bank by sending your child with packet or tinned foods. Thank you. 

Literacy: We will continue to use our book 'Gorilla' to practise writing in direct speech. Our speech sandwich will help us to add extra detail.

Shared Reading: We have enjoyed reading 'Voices in the Park' and will continue to develop our retrieval, inference and comparative skills next week.

Spelling: We will focus on some of the spellings from the first column of the Y3/4 Statutory spelling list and will use these to help us develop our joined handwriting.

Maths: More work on rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000. Have a go at 'Rounding Rockets' on the topmarks site. We will continue to focus on the 6x table whilst revising the 2x, 10x and 5x tables. Please keep playing on TTRockstars to help build fluency and accuracy.

Science: More work on digestion this week and then we will begin to look at teeth.

History: We will use our knowledge of negative numbers to add key people and events from Ancient Greece and Rome to a number line using BC and AD.

PE: Monday morning with Mr Ault. Cricket on Wednesday afternoon. An extra PE session with Mr Ault on Friday morning.


Week beginning 23.9.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 18th Sep 2019 @ 10:33pm

Goldfinches have had a hard working week and are settling well into the Y4 routines. We enjoyed a boogie to 'Happy' to celebrate everybody's name being on the Recognition Board and are now working hard on 'Stopping straight away' as our next target.

It is wonderful to see how hard our Goldfinches are working on their reading, spellings and times tables at home and thank you all so much for all the comments in their diaries. 


Please make sure your child has their school PE kit and trainers in school all week as WB 23rd September will be a very active week for us:

Mon 23rd - PE as usual with Mr Ault.

Wed 25th - Fitness session with Theresa and Cricket with our coaches.

Thurs 26th - Tennis session with coaches from the Tennis club.

In Literacy will be continuing to explore our Gorilla text. We will look at the book 'Seen and Not Heard' in guided reading which is a wonderful text for grabbing the children's attention and interest.

Maths will continue to focus on negative numbers, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and practising the 6x table.

In RE we will explore the concept of 'belief' by sharing our beliefs as Christians and comparing them with Sikh beliefs.

In History (now we have found out where Greece, Athens, Italy and Rome are in the world) we will be placing Ancient Greece and Roman times onto a timeline. This will help us to learn more about BC and AD parts of a timeline. In science the children will continue their journey through the digestive system and learn about its functions!

In computing the children will begin to explore the Codu programme in which they learn to use coding to create a virtual world!

In spelling we will further consolidate the 'sure' spellings and practise the new set which are words with the prefix 'auto'. On Friday, Mrs O'Marah will continue to focus on the first column of the Statutory Y3/4 spellings (attached) 

We will continue to 'Get Heart Smart' and follow the My Happy Mind programme within PSHE.

Thank you for all of your continued support,

Mrs Evans, Mrs Brennan and Mrs O'Marah



Week beginning 16.9.19, by Mrs Evans

Date: 12th Sep 2019 @ 2:21pm

Thank you to all parents who attended the meet the teacher evening last week. It was lovely to meet you all!

Please note our Class Assembly is Wednesday 3rd June.

We have had a busy couple of weeks settling in to our new classroom routines and I am really impressed with how organised they are with their diaries.

This week we are continuing to focus on our class text ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne. In maths our place value work will focus on counting in steps of 25, 50 and 1000 and counting back to include negative numbers.

Our times table focus is 6x table. Have a go at playing Hit the Button to help your child practise. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

The children are really getting into our shared reading text ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman and we will continue to read and focus on retrieval questions using skimming and scanning techniques.

Our spelling focus this week is words containing ‘sure’. After our spelling test last week the children highlighted the words they got correct.

Please have outdoor PE kit in school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Goldfinches Class are really working hard to follow our ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’ rules and are enjoying achieving the class reward when all names are on the recognition board. Keep it up Goldfinches!

Mrs Evans, Mrs O’Marah,, Mrs Brennan.

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