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Toucans Home Learning Fri 26th February, by Mrs Whittingham

Date: 25th Feb 2021 @ 2:20pm

Friday 26th February 2021

Good morning Toucans. 

I don’t know about each of you but I have found that this week has gone by ever so quickly! Hopefully next week goes by as quick and we will soon be all back together in Toucans Class.

 Worship – Hot Chocolate Friday!

Story Time with Mrs Powell             



Understanding Thousandths – Listen carefully to the audio on each slide and look carefully at the images to help you solve today’s questions.

Please watch this video if you can’t access the audio on the PowerPoint. Remember to just pause it when needed and you can play back too if required.


There is also the CGP page 88 on Statistics (Data Handling) attached to the blog for you to do today

Please visit the Topmarks website for some great games focusing on Data Handling.


Don’t forget to work on the The Mystery of the Missing Knight

  Times Tables

Recap all your times tables using TTRockstars   https://ttrockstars.com/   Where can you get to on the leader board today? We have been so impressed with your daily scores.

Where can you get to on the leader board today?  

       Science – Diet and Lifestyle – lesson 5 

What are medicinal drugs? 

See the Science Power point attached. Remember to click on the audio button to hear Mrs Downing guide you through the lesson.  

Click on the link below if you can’t access the audio on the PowerPoint. 


Today’s Science lesson 

Start with the quiz and the recap of last lesson’s learning.


Click on the following link to complete the activities for today’s lesson:



Toucans, we would love you to read a little each day of the school book you have or a book you have been reading at home.

If you continue to record your reading in your diary and get an adult to sign your diary each time you read, you will still be able to collect your raffle tickets when we are back in school.


This week we will be looking at the spellings Plural Nouns

Test yourself on today’s spellings – Remember to use Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Spelling words:       yourselves, knives, bookshelves, loaves, potatoes, volcanoes, geese, women, wolves, deer,  


The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, read by Mrs Whittingham

Please follow this link to see Mrs Whittingham read some more of our new class novel.