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Y3 Wk beg 19.10.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 16th Oct 2020 @ 10:58am

Hi Everyone

What a fabulous week we have had! The children have been so engaged in their learning this week, it has been fantastic to see. I am really proud of the passion the children are showing for their writing, as we further explore the Space Race and Moon Landing in 1969. The children are beginning to plot the key events in Katherine Johnson's life in preparation for writing a biography about her. We will be using noun phrases, a variety of conjunctions and the correct tense. 

The children are making excellent predictions, connections and inferences in our reading lessons as we read more of our gorgeous story, Lights on Cotton Rock. We are also loving sharing Stig of the Dump together as we discover what life was like in The Stone Age in preparation for our topic after the holidays. We have explored our understanding of The Trinty in RE and discussed how other people view us. The children produced some beautiful work in this lesson. 

Next week in Maths we will begin addition of three digit numbers using partitioning, practical equipment and eventaully the column method. We are continuing our learning, understanding and recall of the three times tables and we have seen great progress with this already. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing at home with the children, it really makes a difference.

Please may I add a gentle reminder that reading at home regularly remains an expectation for the children and greatly benefits thier progress and love of books. Three comments in their diary enables the children to enter our reading raffle. 

Mrs Brennan and I feel like we have won the lottery with our class. We are so so proud of their efforts and attitude towards school, coming into school each day to teach your children is a real pleasure. They are also making Mr Ault happy with thier football and netball skills. 

I am attaching the Y3/4 spelling words from the National Curriculum for you to have as flash cards at home. These words are the expectation for the end of Y4 so please don't panic as they are quite tricky. I just thought it would be useful for you to have these. We will be working on Y3 spelling patterns in class from now on which include:

Prefixes dis, in, super, sub, re and anti.

Suffixes ous, ly, ion and ian.

Homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently with a different meaning eg knight/night)


As always, please ask if you have any questions or worries via the admin email or give me a call in school. 

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Rice and Mrs Brennan


Y3 Wk Beg 12.10.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 8th Oct 2020 @ 8:56pm


What a super week Robins have had! I am so proud of how hard they are working, how much care the children are putting into the presentation of their written work and how happy they are to be back in school. There is a lovely atmosphere in our classroom. 

The children have really engaged with our class text, Stig of The Dump. They love listening to the adventures of Barney, Lou and Stig. This text is a great lead into our Stone Age topic which begins after half term. The children are also working hard in their writing lessons as we learn more about The Space Race and the important role that Katherine Johnson played. We have written excellent diaries and scene descriptions focusing on noun phrases and conjunctions. 

Next week, we continue this work, with a greater emphasis on punctuation and tense. In Maths, we are consolidating our place value of 3 digit numbers and focusing on the multiplication and division facts of the three times table. Our RE work has centered on how Christians use images to represent God and we have matched Bible quotes to different artist impressions as well as thining about how we think about God. 

We will continue to revise the Year 2 spelling patterns of adding 'ing' to verbs as well as concentrating on correct joined handwriting. The children are using their 'Gratitude Jars' to remind them of all the things that make them happy. I am enjoying every day with my class, appreciating being their teacher and embarking on another exciting year ahead. Mrs Brennan always comments on how well behaved and friendly the children are! 

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice 

Y3 24.09.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 25th Sep 2020 @ 8:31am


Thank you so much for talking with me over the phone this week, I have really enjoyed catching up with everybody. It is so strange waving from across the playground so the opportunity to chat about how the children are was great. I did leave voice mails where I could and I will continue to try to catch the parents who I wasn't able to reach yesterday. If you need any thing at all, please email admin and I will get back to you. 

We have had a super week in Robins class, I have been impressed with how well the children are partitioning 3 digit numbers and recalling multiples of three. We race against each other to see how quickly we can record the three times tables forwards and backwards!

Next week we will be exploring different Bible stories and discussing how God is represented  in each one. The children will continue with diary writing using conjunctions, ordering  and comparing 3 digit numbers and mastering adding suffixes to root words. We will also learn how to use apostrophes for possession. 

Mrs Brennan and I are really enjoying being with our class, they make us proud every day.

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Brennan 

Y3 17.09.20, by Mrs Rice

Date: 17th Sep 2020 @ 5:04pm

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to our weekly blog. I am absolutely delighted to be back in school with my class. They have been brilliant. Mrs Brennan and I are so proud of how well the children have settled in to our new classroom. I still pinch myself daily that I have the pleasure to be their teacher again this year, I am loving every minute! 

Thankyou to all of you for your continued support during lockdown and since we have returned to school. It is strange not to be able to talk to you each morning and evening but I am awlays here at the end of the phone or can reply via the admin email address if you need me. 

We are working on a whole school project called "All together Now." During this we are focusing on what we are thankful for, what little worries we may have and lots of minfulness activities. We are spending valuable time reading and discovering new books. We are currently reading "Stig of the Dump" as our whole class shared story and have even turned our reading area into a dump! The children are really ejoying this story especially the relationship between the two main characters of Stig and Barney. 

Next week we will be continuing to learn about Katherine Johnson, who navigated Apollo 11 to the moon in 1969. The children will be using noun phrases to create character descriptions as well as asking careful questions based on their reading. Our maths work will focus on the place value of 3 digit numbers, ordering and comparing them as well as positioning them onto a numberline. The times tables that we will focus on this half term is the 3 times table and the 4. We will also recap the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

We will be exploring the suffixes 'al', 'ful' and 'ness' in our spelling work. The children will investigate how they alter the meaning of a root word, how many syllables are in each word and which sounds they can spot. 

This week I have sent home your child with a reading book and their new homework diary. Over the next few weeks, we will assess the children in their reading in class but for the time being, we have given the children a banded book that they were reading back when we last assessed them in March. The children are all reading a wide range of additional books and texts in class and we are encouraging them to continue to read their own choice of books at home each day to develop their love of reading. If you can read aloud to your child too, this would be great!

Please continue to write in their reading diaries as a record of reading completed at home. The children can still earn a raffle ticket for three reads or more and comments in their diary. I am currently unable to write in the diaries however a green stamp lets you know that I have read your comment. If you write me a note in there that requires feedback from me, I will call you to discuss any little problems or concerns that you may have. 

Once again, your children have been fabulous and it is just wonderful to be all back together again in Robins class. 

Many thanks

Mrs Rice and Mrs Brennan. 

Thursday 16th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 15th Jul 2020 @ 10:22am

Good morning everyone J

So today would have been our last day together in Robins Class, but instead of being in school together, you are all at home. I just want to say how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you for the hard work you put in during our time in Year 3, your resilience while we have been doing our learning from home and for all of the giggles and happy memories we have made along the way. You are all INCREDIBLE and I know you are going to make the most superb Goldfinches!!!

As today marks the start of the school summer holidays, I am not going to post home learning tasks for today. However, I have attached numerous challenges that you could take part in over the holidays. Why not print each one out and write the date beside it when you have completed it?

If you haven’t already, you could also listen to the Lostock Team reading ‘The Twits’:

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ne7IT8w_9M&t=42s

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRnox40nSLo&t=18s

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLDe3vLAD80&t=13s

Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRkPER4lXh4&t=3s

Have the most amazing summer!! Smile, laugh, make memories, rest, stay safe and most importantly come back to us in September ready for a super year of learning and laughs J

Lots of love and hugs,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxxxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

It is hard to think we break up from school today.  I cannot tell you enough times just how amazing you have been since we were all last together, I am so proud of how you have managed, learnt and kept smiling.  All the staff can’t wait for September until we are back again but missing some very special Year 6 pupils who are going onto new adventures.  When I was looking for a worship on how to end the year I found this, I hope you like it!

All of us will have preferred ways to say goodbye. However, the actual word ‘goodbye’ means, ‘God be with you.’ Christians believe that God is always with us. It is good to remember that when people leave us, they are not left on their own. Whether it is just over the holidays, or as some of you move to a new school, we all wish you the very best and, as we say goodbye, we pray that God will be with you wherever you go.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.” —Winnie the Pooh

Have a wonderful summer!

Wednesday 15th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 14th Jul 2020 @ 11:57am

Good morning everyone J

How are you all today? It was AMAZING to see so many of you yesterday. I went home with a huge smile on my face, feeling very grateful that I was able to spend some time with you all before the summer holidays. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

You can watch the final instalment of ‘The Twits’ this morning. I really hope you have loved listening to it:


I have attached our Home Learning Timetable below if you would like to do some project work this morning. I have also attached some fun maths puzzles for you to have a go at this morning. Can you work out the value of each object? Why not share your answers over on our class discussion this morning?

Have a super day my lovely Robins J

Lots of love and BIG hugs,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Joshua 1:9

How do you feel about returning to school?  Do you feel nervous, anxious, perhaps wishing you were back home where you felt safe?

In this passage, Joshua was standing at the edge of the land of Canaan, Moses had died, and God was commanding Joshua to take the Israelites forward into the promised land.  It was new, they were leaving what they had known, to step into a future that God had planned. 

God gave this command to Joshua in verse 9 to encourage him, to put a strong heart into him, whatever the future holds, God would be with him.  I wonder how this made Joshua feel strong and courageous? As Joshua and the people of Israel recalled how God had been with them through the desert, it gave them certainty of the truth of this going forward, this is a common pattern throughout the Bible of looking back to God’s faithfulness to stand strong in going forward.

Joshua probably felt the same as we do now, as we begin again, our community, coming back together and settling down into our school – some things will feel familiar, some will feel different.  Corrie ten Boom, a German Christian who survived concentration camps during the Holocaust, said, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  What do you know of God?  Reflect back – how has God been with you before Covid-19?  How has he been with you through this?  How might this make you feel strong and courageous?

Listen to the track “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlinson.   Joshua spent time talking with God – it gave him courage to go forward into something new…spend time talking to God now, recall how he has shown goodness over that past months and even years, tell him your feelings and ask him to give you courage for the future.

A prayer for courage:

Lord, I’m afraid

I don’t feel bold or courageous today

Help me to remember that bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it’s doing the right thing no matter what.

Give me a courageous heat.

I know that you will be with me, I am not alone.

You are greater than any obstacle I face.

Help me to step forward knowing that you are trustworthy

And my source of strength.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robi

Tuesday 14th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 13th Jul 2020 @ 1:11pm

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday J

REMINDER: This morning between 9.30am and 11.30am we invite you into school to spend the morning on the field playing games and having fun with me, Mrs Evans and all your lovely Robin friends. I can’t wait to see you all again!

This morning, you can watch part 3 of ‘The Twits’ read by Team Lostock:


In case you missed it yesterday, I have attached our last Weekly Challenge Booklet – remember you can upload it to our class discussion for me to see when you are finished. I have also attached our final Home Learning Timetable again.

Why not take part in this fun drawing challenge today?

Photo cut-outs: Print off any picture or use something found at home/outside and cut it in half. Stick one half onto a plain sheet of paper and try to draw the other half to match.

Half leaf mirror drawing art activity for kids       https://sites.google.com/a/yarmouthschools.org/2012springdpgabby/_/rsrc/1338330099071/half-portrait-drawing/IMG_2897.JPG?height=400&width=314      Radhika's Art: Painting again....                                                                                            

Have a brilliant day everyone and I hope to see lots of you in school at 9.30am this morning.

Lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

How do we know we are loved?

Penguins are loyal to their partners.  Love is loyal.  God is loyal and is committed to us.  In Hebres 13.5 God says, “never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”  This is a way of understanding that we are loved by Him. 

Has someone ever said you are ‘One in a Million’? Out of all the 7.3 billion people in the world, there is only one of us.  God has made us unique.  We are important.  We are special, we are loved.  Letting other peoples love in our hears makes our hearts’s stronger.  If we want to live well and if we want to love others it starts with loving ourselves and letting love in.

Monday 13th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 12th Jul 2020 @ 10:29pm

Good morning my lovely Robins J

I can’t believe that this would have been our last week together in Year 3, I am very sad that we are not able to spend it how we had hoped, however, we do still have another opportunity to be together before the summer holidays!!!!

REMINDER: Tomorrow between 9.30am and 11.30am we invite you into school to spend the morning on the field playing games and having fun with me, Mrs Evans all your lovely Robin friends.

This morning, you can watch part 2 of ‘The Twits’ read by Team Lostock. We really hope you enjoyed listening to Part 1 on Friday and seeing lots of familiar faces. Parts 3 and 4 will be coming tomorrow and Wednesday.

You can watch Part 2 here:


You will find attached our Home Learning Timetable if you would like to finish your Science, Topic and RE projects. I have also attached our final Weekly Challenge Booklet – I really hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately, last week was the final week of Oak National Academy Lessons, however the lessons from previous weeks remain on the site. Why not look back at the previous lessons to see which ones you have not yet completed?


Have a wonderful Monday and I will see you all tomorrow at 9.30am!

Sending you all BIG hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Sometimes people make us sad. When it comes to being hurt, the bravest, happiest, strongest thing we can do is to forgive.  Forgiving is not to hold onto the hurt and to let it go.  Jesus said to forgive not 7 times but 77 times.  What can we do today to love someone else more? 

Jesus instructs us to forgive others over and over again just like he does for us. He clearly teaches his disciples in this story that they are to forgive “seventy-seven times” or over and over again

Just like his forgiveness doesn’t run out, neither should our own. Use this story to share with your child that we should forgive others just as he forgives us. Jesus provided the way and the model for humility and forgiveness. His example is one we can follow daily because parents, siblings, teachers, friends and loved ones will make mistakes that affect us.

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32


Friday 10th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 9th Jul 2020 @ 4:03pm

Happy Friday everyone!!

REMINDER: This morning between 9am and 10am, we have our Robins PE lesson with me, Mr Ault and Mrs Evans! We would love to see you all there. Remember to wear comfy clothes and bring a water bottle with you.

Give yourself a big pat on the back! It is Friday again and you have blown me away with your hard work and continued dedication to your home learning this week!

Today, and over the next week, all the staff at Lostock have a little bit of a treat for you. We have all read a chapter or two of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl for you and over the next few blogs we will be sharing the story with you! We really hope you enjoy seeing lots of familiar faces and of course enjoy listening to this very funny story. So why not curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy today’s video? You can watch part 1 here:


As always, let’s take some time this morning to think about the week we have had. What are your favourite moments from this week? What are you grateful for?

“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favourite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.”

Our timetable is linked below if you would like to finish some topic work from this week. It is also the final day of this week’s Oak National Academy lessons. In maths today we will continue to look at multiplication using the partitioning method and in English we will be writing our own story.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/multiply-2-digit-numbers-by-8-using-the-partitioning-method

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-key-features-in-order-to-write-own-composition-v2

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely Robins! Sending big hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx

Thursday 9th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 8th Jul 2020 @ 12:07pm

Good morning Robins and Happy Thursday J

How are you all this morning?

When I spoke to lots of you last week, you all seemed to enjoy the Garden yoga resource that I shared with you. Therefore, today I have uploaded another yoga/breathing resource to our blog called 'Calm down brain breaks'. It has lots of different breathing techniques that you can try at home when you are feeling worried or anxious, or simply want to relax for 5 minutes.

This morning Mrs Southern has read a story for you:


Our timetable is attached below if you would like to carry on with your topic work this morning. For maths and writing we will continue with our Oak National Academy Lessons. Today in English we are looking at different types of punctuation and in maths we are focussing on multiplication using partitioning.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/multiply-2-digit-numbers-by-6-using-the-partitioning-method

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/key-feature-spag-focus-008d46

Have a super day my lovely Robins and remember tomorrow we have our class PE lesson with Mr Ault between 9am and 10am! It will be so lovely to see you all again!! Wear comfy clothes and bring a water bottle.

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Never judge anyone by the way they look.

Once upon a time, in a desert far away, there was a rose who was so proud of her beautiful looks. Her only complaint was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Every day, the beautiful rose would insult and mock the cactus on his looks, all while the cactus remained quiet. All the other plants nearby tried to make the rose see sense, but she was too swayed by her own looks.

One scorching summer, the desert became dry, and there was no water left for the plants. The rose quickly began to wilt. Her beautiful petals dried up, losing their lush colour.

Looking to the cactus, she saw a sparrow dip his beak into the cactus to drink some water. Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. The kind cactus readily agreed, helping them both through the tough summer, as friends.

What have you done for a friend?  The cactus and the rose look very different but we are all unique and have special gifts.

“The things that make me different are the things that make me, me.”



Wednesday 8th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 7th Jul 2020 @ 2:21pm

Good morning Robins and Happy Wednesday J

It was so lovely to see so many of you yesterday – it really put a big smile on my face!!

I just loved this photo as a little reminder that we must look after ourselves and others during these strange times when we are not in school. What will you do today to:

  • Keep learning?
  • Get connected?
  • Be mindful?
  • Be active?
  • Be giving?

This morning Mrs Rice has read a story for you:


For maths and writing today we will continue with our Oak National Academy Lessons looking at the features of a story and our 8 times tables.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/use-known-multiplication-facts-to-derive-our-8-times-table

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-identify-the-features-of-a-story

I have attached our No Outsider’s Lessons again for you today. Remember there are 9 lessons in total so you could either choose your favourite lesson/activity to complete or spread them out of the next week or two if you want to do them all J

Our timetable is also attached with some suggested activities and resources.

Remember if you need any help today, or have any question, just pop over to our Class Discussion and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Sending big hugs,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Explorers: Freya Stark (1893-1993)

Stark went where few Europeans, especially women, had ever been before. A British explorer and writer, her travels led her into remote areas of Turkey and the Middle East. While living in Baghdad, she explored and mapped uncharted areas of the Islamic world. Hers were some of the first accurate maps of the region. She moved on foot, on donkeys, on camels and by car – camping along the way. Stark is the author of more than 24 travel books, covering local history, culture and tales of everyday life. In spite of age and illnesses, she never stopped travelling. In 1972 she was honoured as Dame Freya Stark!  Wow!

What adventures would you go on?  Why?


A small prayer I thought would be great for children to say every day! Childrens Prayer, Prayer For My Children, Bible For Kids, Bedtime Prayers For Children, A Childs Prayer, Daily Prayer, My Prayer, Morning Prayers, Morning Prayer For Kids


Tuesday 7th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 6th Jul 2020 @ 8:09pm

Happy Tuesday everyone!

How are you all today? I hope you all had a super Monday and are ready for another busy day. Did you manage to complete your gratitude journal yesterday? I have been keeping one too and it has really helped me to wake up and go to bed in a good mood!

REMEMBER: Today, you can pop into school between 9am and 11.30am to see me, collect your end of year report and pick up a new home learning pack if you would like one! I would LOVE to see you all J

This morning Mrs Elson has read a story for you:


In case you missed it yesterday, I have attached this week’s Challenge Booklet, as well as our new and updated home learning timetable.

I have also attached a pdf document with some No Outsider’s lessons for you to complete at home. They are all based on the story ‘Dog don’t do ballet’ that I read for you a couple of weeks ago. You can either listen to me reading the story again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5h7VQfaGQo&t=7s) or the author Anna Kemp (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7BoyAJOYcE). When you have listened to the story again, there are 9 lessons and worksheets for you to complete. You could choose one or two to do each day this week J

For maths and writing today we will continue with our Oak National Academy lessons looking at word meaning and our 6 times tables.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/use-known-multiplication-facts-to-derive-our-6-times-table

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension-to-find-word-meanings

Have a brilliant day Robins! Please do share what you get up to with me on Twitter or over on our Class Discussion. I love to see your amazing work and lovely smiley faces. Sending you all big hugs,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Good morning! This week, we are going to find out about amazing people who have done amazing things.  As you read the stories, just imagine what you will do when you are older… all these amazing people once sat in a classroom just like you!

Gillian Ayres

In the 1970s, she became the first woman ever to run an art department in a British Art School! When she was older, she moved to North Wales. In Wales, she started to use oil paint again rather than acrylic paint to make her artwork. Oil paint is really thick and sometimes she would apply the paint so it would be inches thick! While she lived in Wales her artwork became even bolder and more joyful.

Gillian Ayres wanted people to be happy when they looked at her art and the world around them. Does her art make you feel happy? What other emotions do you feel?

Gillian Ayres was obsessed with painting. She is one of the most famous British abstract painters. Being an abstract painter meant you didn't care about artworks looking like real things, like people or buildings, but you care about shapes, colours and emotions. Someone asked her once what her artwork was about, and she just listed random things like ice cream, cakes, seaweed, shells and hats!

L.S Lowry

L. S. Lowry (Laurence Stephen Lowry) was born on 1st November 1887 in Stretford, Lancashire.

Lowry had an unhappy childhood. He wasn’t very popular at school, didn’t have a very close relationship with his parents, and he had few friends.

The Lowry family moved to the industrial town of Pendlebury in 1909. The landscape was dominated by textile mills and the chimneys of factories, and this imagery left its mark on the young L. S. Lowry.

Lowry had taken art classes as a child and he went to the Manchester School of Art and then Salford Royal Technical College.

In 1932, Lowry’s father died and he looked after to his mother. After his mother fell asleep, Lowry started to paint, often finishing at 3 a.m.

Lowry’s paintings often featured industrial Pendlebury and they captured scenes of life in industrial England. His landscapes are often populated by stylised ‘matchstick men’ figures.

Lowry didn’t complete many paintings of London. However, his 1960 painting of Piccadilly Circus sold for more than £5 million in 2011.

Some of his most famous works include: Industrial Landscape, going to the Match and Coming from the Mill, The Viaduct and The Football Match.

Lowry became an official war artist in 1943 and he was the Official Artist of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Lowry was a massive fan of Manchester City Football Club just like Mr A!

Monday 6th July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 6th Jul 2020 @ 7:58am

Good morning my lovely Robins J


Did you have a good weekend? I would love to hear what you have been up to over on our Class Discussion this morning.

You have probably heard that over the next couple of weeks, there are going to be lots of opportunities for us to spend time together as a class!! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to see you all again!!

  • Tuesday 7th July (Tomorrow): Please pop into school sometime between 9:30am-11:30am or 1pm-2pm to pick up your end of year report and new home learning pack.
  • Friday 10th July 9am-10am: Year 3 outdoor PE lesson with me, Mr Ault and Mrs Evans.
  • Tuesday 14th July 9.30am-11.30am: Come in and spend the morning on the field playing games and having fun with me and Mrs Evans, and of course all your Robin friends.

On Friday, I shared the link for a gratitude journal and challenged you all to spend 5 minutes in the morning and the evening to think about what you are grateful for. As it’s Monday and a new week, today would be a great day to start it if you haven’t already so I will attach the link again. You don’t have to use this template; you could simply write your thoughts on some paper or in a special notebook that you might have at home:


This morning you will find attached our new Home Learning Timetable with further Science, Topic and RE projects for you. Remember these are only recommendations, you can pick and choose the activities you would like to complete. I have also attached this week’s new Weekly Challenge Booklet. I hope you enjoy it J

For maths and writing this week, we will continue with our Oak National Academy Lessons. Today they are looking making inferences and predictions in English and the commutativity (connection) between multiplication and division in maths.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/commutativity-between-multiplication-and-division

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension-to-make-inferences-and-predictions

This morning Mrs O’Marah has read a story for you:


Have a super Monday and I will speak to you all tomorrow.

Sending you all big hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx

Friday 3rd July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 2nd Jul 2020 @ 12:09pm

Good morning everyone and happy hot chocolate Friday!!


How are you all feeling this morning? I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend, you all deserve a lovely break from school work after another hard-working week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine J

As always, let’s take some time this morning to think about the week we have had. What are this week’s achievements? What has made you happy? What could you do tomorrow or next week to make it even better?

I know we have been sharing these positive thoughts every Friday, however it is always a good way to start and end every day. Next week, why not take some time each morning and evening to reflect on your day and be grateful. You could use the gratitude journal template below to help you, or simply make your own: https://researchparent.com/wp-content/uploads/Gratitude_Journal_for_Kids.pdf

This morning Mrs Powell has read a story for you:


Our Oak National Academy lessons also continue today. In English we will use our learning from this week to write our own poem. In maths we will be looking at duration.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-a-duration-to-find-a-start-and-finish-time

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-key-features-in-order-to-write-own-composition-b5be56

‘Save our Seas’ work:

Your work on our ‘Save our Seas’ project this week has been AMAZING – I hope you have enjoyed doing it as much as I have enjoyed seeing it all! Have a look at our home learning ideas document below to see which videos and activities you have not completed so far.

The following website is also amazing and has lots of cute, sea-themed craft ideas:


This morning, for our final sea-themed story, Mrs Powell has read ‘The Snail and the Whale’ for you:


Why not pop over to our blog this morning and share something new that you have learnt this week?

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely Robins! Sending big hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx

Thursday 2nd July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 12:36pm

Happy Thursday my lovely Robins J

I hope you are all well this morning and ready for another busy day!

This morning Mrs Ahern has read a story for you:


You have all been blowing me away with your amazing work for our ‘Save Our Seas’ topic!! See below for more activities you can take part in at home.

Our Oak National Academy lessons also continue to look at poetry and time today.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/tell-the-time-to-1-minute-intervals-on-an-analogue-clock-to-the-hour

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/key-feature-spag-focus-1d3400

‘Save our Seas’ work:

I hope you have been enjoying our sea-themed stories this week. Today, I have read you some of our favourite book ‘Big Blue Whale’:


Our ‘Save our Seas’ Home Learning ideas are linked below. Why not enjoy some quiet time today as well, and complete the attached under the seas mindfulness colouring sheets or create your own sea-themed picture.

Have a great day Robins and remember to be ready, respectful and safe at all times J  Love from,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Georgia’s Story

Georgie is 21. She’s a scuba diver and underwater photographer.

Introduced to fishing by her dad, Georgie made her hobby into a career when she followed her obsession with the ocean all the way to the sea bed.

Georgie’s dad is a keen pike fisherman and introduced her to wildlife conservation at a young age. As she grew up she became more and more fascinated with the ocean.

Wanting to improve her diving and marine identification skills, Georgie joined a project called Seasearch which encourages divers and snorkelers to record the marine life they see during their underwater adventures. Their findings are used by the Marine Conservation Society to make important management decisions.

Marie putting on her scuba gear with an oxygen tank on her back.

The ocean covers around 71% of the world’s surface, so knowing what’s going on beneath the waves is just as important as knowing what’s going on above ground. And that’s where marine conservationists come in.

Marine conservationists play a crucial role in keeping our oceans healthy. Through monitoring marine life and underwater ecosystems, they can help us make better environmental choices. They can highlight the impact of plastics on the ocean, for instance, or identify which beaches are and aren’t safe to swim at.

Their findings can help protect endangered species or habitats.

How could you help our oceans?  Could this be your job?  What could you do now?  How could you make a change?

Thank you, Lord, that you created such a beautiful place for us to live.
We pray, Lord, that we may live out
the trust you put in us to look after your world for you.
Help us to love and care for those around us
both near and distant.

Wednesday 1st July - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 30th Jun 2020 @ 12:59pm

Hello Robins J

What have you got planned for today? Remember that our discussion is active this morning for any questions you may have.

This morning Miss Gillam has read a story for you:


Why not find a quiet spot this morning and start your day with some yoga? This will help you to remain calm and relaxed, as well as improve your concentration before you do some school work. I have attached a Garden Yoga activity to get you started, however there are also some great videos on YouTube if you search for ‘Yoga for children’.

Our Oak National Academy lessons continue this morning. In English we will be looking at the features of a poem and in maths we will continue to look at time.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/tell-the-time-to-1-minute-intervals-on-an-analogue-clock-past-the-hour

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/read-the-example-and-identify-the-key-features-12d697

‘Save our Seas’ work:

Our whole school project continues today with lots more ‘Save Our Seas’ activities attached in the document below! Thank you to all the children who have delivered some super work to school for our sharing window – its looks great!!

This morning, listen to a Sea Turtle Story with Miss Thwaites today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IOIi1kFHSU&feature=youtu.be

After you have listened to Miss Thwaites reading her story, why not have a go at completing a sea-themed word search or making your own salt dough starfish or turtle? I have attached the instructions below – all you need is flour, water and salt!

Have a great day everyone! Speak tomorrow,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

At the age of 11, Tom Gregory became the youngest person ever to swim the English Channel.

It was 05:00 on 6 September 1988 and Tom Gregory stood on the tip of France. Behind him was his coach, John Bullet. In front of him was the vast, black, English Channel. Tom, in swimming trunks, faced the water. Out there, somewhere, was home. On the water, a light appeared in the dark. A small boat came to shore. Tom put on his cap and goggles, and walked into the Channel. He followed the boat, and, when it got too deep, he started to swim. He didn't stop for 12 hours.

Tom was 11 years old, this record has never been broken!

Wow! What do you think he saw? How do you think he felt? What would have been his biggest challenges?

Tuesday 30th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 5:13pm

Good morning Robins and Happy Tuesday!

How are you all this morning? Did you have a good day yesterday? J

This morning Mrs Judge has read a story for you:


In case you missed it yesterday, I have attached our weekly challenge booklet below. Remember if you need any help or would like me to check it for you, you can upload it to our Class Discussion.

Our Oak National Academy lessons continue to look at reading comprehension and time today.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/tell-the-time-to-5-minute-intervals-on-an-analogue-clock

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension-b562b9

‘Save our Seas’ work:

I LOVED seeing your super work yesterday on our ‘Save Our Seas’ project!! Please refer back to our ‘Save our Seas – Home learning ideas’ document attached below for more fun work and remember that we would love to display some of your work in our sharing window in school!

This morning, listen to Mrs Evans reading about a Marine Biologist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a21-zC2B3I8&feature=youtu.be

I have attached a fun sea-themed colouring activity for you below. I have also attached a reading comprehension all about Coral Reef Ecosystems – It is VERY interesting!! There are questions and answers attached too so you can mark your own work.

Have another super day everyone! Big hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

The Story of Jesus Calming the Sea of Galilee:

One night after a long day of preaching to the people, Jesus decided to get into a fishing boat with his disciples and go across a sea to the other side. Leaving the crowd behind, Jesus and his friends got into the boat.  When they had sailed to the middle of the sea, a storm began to kick up waves.  The boat rocked back and forth and up and down over the waves. The storm grew stronger and more furious.

Jesus had fallen asleep almost as soon as the boat left the shore. Even though the sea was tossing the boat around, he was still asleep. But his disciples were beginning to get really afraid. They tried lowering the sail and throwing out the anchor, but nothing worked.  They bailed out the water, but still the storm raged. The boat was close to sinking.

Finally, they couldn’t stand it any longer. Jesus was still sound asleep, so they woke him up. They said, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”

With that, Jesus stood up in the boat and shouted out, “Quiet! Be still!” The storm died down, the waves grew calm, and the boat Jesus was on stopped sinking.

Jesus looked at his disciples, who were now soaking wet and shaking with fear. He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Didn’t you believe that I would take care of you?”  The disciples were no longer afraid, but they were amazed. They turned to each other and asked, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

Jesus is the Son of God, creator of the universe. We can count on him to calm the storms in our lives. When a fear seems to take hold of us, we can call out to Jesus in prayer and know that he hears us just as he heard the disciples’ cries for help.

Dear God,

Please accept these gifts.

We know that you can do all things, including taking away our fears.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Monday 29th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 28th Jun 2020 @ 9:53pm

Happy Monday everyone J

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and feel ready and refreshed for the week ahead. Why not join our Class Discussion this morning and tell me what you have been up to over the weekend?

This morning Mrs Esling has read a story for you:


This week is going to be a little bit different. Instead of our normal Home Learning Timetable tasks, we are going to embark on a whole school project entitled ‘Save Our Seas’. Each day, at the bottom of our blog, you will find a document called 'SAVE OUR SEAS - Home Learning Ideas', as well as various tasks and activities to complete based on our whole school theme. I will continue to set our maths and English lessons on Oak National Academy, however I am happy for you to focus solely on our big project this week! We want to make lots of people aware of the problems surrounding our seas and so we are asking you to share any work you do with us on Twitter. We would also love to revamp our ‘Sharing Window’ in school to fit the ‘Save Our Seas’ theme so if you do any work at home that you are happy to share, please drop it off in the foyer area of school.

A new week, also means a new weekly challenge booklet for you all! We are now up to number 5! This week we have a pyramid puzzle, a maths challenge and an English task. Enjoy! You can upload your answers onto our Class Discussion when you are finished and I will check them for you!

This week there are also some great new lessons on the Oak National Academy website. This morning we have a reading comprehension in English and our first time lesson in maths.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/develop-an-understanding-of-clocks

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension-1011a5

‘Save our Seas’ work:

I have attached a document to our blogs this morning called 'SAVE OUR SEAS - Home Learning Ideas', which I will upload every day. It contains a huge list of ideas for programmes to watch, websites to use and activities to choose from, all based around our ‘Save Our Seas’ theme.

Each day there will also be an ocean themed story or link for you to watch. Today, find out about the problems in our seas and oceans with Sir David Attenborough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLx4fVsYdTI

I have attached lots of additional PowerPoints and reading material for you this morning, which you may find useful when completing various pieces of work throughout the week. I have also attached a fun under the sea ‘Code Cracker’ for you to have a go at. Let me know how you get on today using our Class Discussion J

Have a great day Robins! Lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

This week we are celebrating our wonderful oceans.

The UK is surrounded by the sea, and our waters provide the habitat for over 44,000 different species of sea life, yet often our wonderful beaches are covered in litter.

Point out that scenes like these show us that all is not well in our oceans. Marine scientists have discovered that many plastics that find their way into the world’s oceans are toxic. This means that these plastics can damage the animals and even kill them. Another problem is that wildlife such as seabirds can get entangled in bits of plastic or even become stuck in plastic bottles.

Fortunately, scientists, marine conservation societies and the UK government agree that we need to do more to protect our seas and oceans, particularly where the use of plastic is concerned. They suggest that we can all take some action – even if it is something as simple as taking home our rubbish after a day at the beach.  We all need to do the following:

  • Invest in a reusable water bottle rather than relying on single-use ones.
  • Take a bag with you when you go to the shops, rather than paying for single-use plastic ones.
  • Look for alternatives to plastic containers

Time for reflection

Many world faiths believe that we all have a responsibility to look after the world in which we live.

Christians believe that God made the world and wants us all to care for it: this is known as stewardship.

The Bible says, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it . . . for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.’ Christians believe that this means that we have no right to abuse God’s creation. Instead, we should act responsibly, realizing that we are privileged to have such a wonderful place in which to live.


Dear God,

Thank you for the beautiful world in which we live.

Thank you for the amazing variety of animals and plants.

Thank you for the sea and the beaches.

Please help us to think carefully about our responsibility in the world.

Please help us to care for the environment.

Please help us to think before we act.


Friday 26th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 25th Jun 2020 @ 3:38pm

Happy Friday Robins J

This morning I am sending you all the biggest virtual hug ever!! Can you feel it?

I am so so so proud of you all! I just want to take this opportunity to remind everybody that it is okay not to be okay. We are all feeling lots of different emotions at this time, including us adults!

Not every day will be good, but there is something good in every day.

Let’s take some time this morning to remember the good things that have happened this week. What are you proud of? What has made you smile? Now have a think about one target you would like to set yourself for next week J

It is the last day of this week’s Oak National Academy lessons. In English you will be using all the skills you have been practicing this week to write your own newspaper report. In maths you will be practicing your estimation skills.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/estimate-mass-and-capacity

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-use-key-features-in-order-to-write-own-composition-2042b6

This morning Mrs Powell has read a story for you so why not snuggle up with a hot chocolate and enjoy!


I hope you have all enjoyed our daily sporting challenges this week for National School Sport Week. Our final challenge is below:

Challenge 5 – Tap Up Tennis


Have you got a tennis racquet and ball? If not, what could you use? How many taps could you do? How many did Mrs Rice do? Can you beat her score?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will speak to you again on Monday. In the meantime, if you need anything, just login to your pupil VLE and ask me on our Class Discussion.

Love Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Thursday 25th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 24th Jun 2020 @ 4:21pm

Good morning my lovely Robins and Happy Thursday J

Are you all ok this morning? I hope you are well and have a big smile on your face.

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”

This morning Mrs Campion has read a story for you:


I woke up feeling very tired this morning so I went for a quick run to wake me up! Physical activity helps to improve our concentration and mood so it is a great way to start your day! Why don’t you start your morning with one of these 10-minute shake up routines on the NHS website? https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups

Our Oak National Academy lessons continue this morning. In English we will be looking at the use of inverted commas in a newspaper report (remember our speech sandwich that we have on our English wall in school) and in maths we will be applying our knowledge of capacity and volume to solve problems.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/solve-problems-involving-capacity-and-volume

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/key-feature-spag-focus

Our timetable is also linked below for those who wish to do some project today.

It is day 4 of our sporting challenges for National School Sport Week. Check tomorrow’s blog for the last challenge of the week.

Challenge 4 – Speed Bounce


This will certainly get your heart racing! How many times can you jump side to side in 10/20/30 seconds? How many people could you challenge to beat your score?

Thank you to everyone who is still engaging with our Class Discussions. If you need anything at all or have any questions just pop it on today’s discussion and I will respond as soon as possible throughout the school day.

Have a super day everyone and keep smiling!

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Our Wonderful World!

Please enjoy this poem!

Big blue planet, swinging through the universe

Big blue planet, what can it be? What can it be?

It’s the planet earth, it’s the planet earth.

It’s the planet earth, it’s the planet earth.

Big blue planet, swinging through the universe,

Big blue planet, what can we see? What can we see?

The great blue waters and the great green land

The great blue waters and the great green land

Big blue planet, swinging through the universe,

Big blue planet, what can we see? What can we see?

The great blue waters and the great green land

The great blue waters and the great green land

Big blue planet, swinging through the universe,

Big blue planet, what can we see? What can we see?

The great blue waters and the great green land

The great blue waters and the great green land

Big blue planet, swinging through the universe

God loves the planet

Loves the land and loves the sea

Loves the land and loves the sea

Loves the people, that’s you and me

Loves the people, that’s you and me

We’ll love it too, it’s our planet EARTH

We’ll love it too, it’s our planet EARTH


How can you help to keep God’s world a wonderful place? What could you do? 

Dear God

Then let the sun come out and

fill the sky with rainbows.

Let the warmth of the sun heal us

wherever we are broken.

Let the warmth and brightness

of the sun melt our sadness.

And let the light of the sun

be so strong that we will see all

people as our friends.

Let the earth, nourished by rain,

bring forth flowers

to surround us with beauty.

And let the mountains teach our hearts

to reach upward to heaven.



Wednesday 24th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 23rd Jun 2020 @ 7:14pm

Happy Wednesday everyone J

It’s the middle of the week already – aren’t the days and weeks going by so quickly? It was SO wonderful to see so many of your smiling faces yesterday!! If you didn’t get the chance to come, the home learning packs are available to collect from the school foyer at your convenience!

I hope you all have a wonderful day planned. Remember how important it is to balance working time, with some quiet and creative time too. I have attached a bank of self-care activities that you can do on your own or with a grown up at home when you need some time away from school work!

This morning Mrs Hulse has read a story for you:


I know lots of you have been doing the Oak National Academy lessons most days and are really enjoying them and getting to know the fabulous teachers on there. Today, our English lesson looks at the features of a newspaper report and in maths we will be adding and subtracting capacity and volume.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/add-and-subtract-capacity-and-volume

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/read-the-example-and-identify-the-key-features

Our timetable is also linked below should you wish to do some science, topic or RE work today.

It is day 3 of National School Sport week and there is another new challenge waiting for you:

Challenge 3 – Wacky Race


Can you create your own Wacky race? Add obstacles, find different ways to move and compete against the clock? Can you beat your time?

Please pop by and say hello on our Class Discussion this morning – I would love to hear from you all J

Have a lovely day everyone. Keep shining!

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:


My Mum used to tell me and my brothers and sister this story.


What would you have said to the boy to help him? 

Jesus told his disciples a story to teach them about honesty. He told them about a rich man who had a manager, and the manager was using the man's money for himself. When the rich man discovered that the manager was wasting his money, he called him in and fired him. After telling this story, Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."

If you and I make sure that we are honest in the small things, then we can be sure that we will be honest in the big things. If people know that they can trust us in small things, they will know that they can trust us in the big things too.

Dear God

Please help us to remember what Jesus taught about honesty and help us to be honest in every situation big or small.


Tuesday 23rd June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 2:58pm

Good morning Robins J

Did you have a good Monday? I certainly hope you did!

Just a little reminder that I will be in the school car park this morning between 9.30am and 11am where you can pick up a new home learning pack or have a little chat with me. This will allow us to see each other and talk in a safe way J I can’t wait to see lots of familiar, smiling faces!!

This morning Mrs Simmonds has read a story for you:


In case you missed it yesterday, I will attach our new weekly challenge booklet to today’s blog. Let me know what you think! I have also attached our class timetable which has today’s tasks and resources on.

Our Oak National Academy lessons continue today with reading comprehension and ordering capacity and volume.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/ordering-capacity-and-volume

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension-5f6674

Are you ready for Day 2 of National School Sport Week?

Challenge 2 – Target Games


Create your own target game. What could you use? Would you use underarm throw or overarm throw? What is the highest score you could get? How could you improve your throwing?

Remember our Class Discussion is open again today. If you have any questions or work to share, please just add it to our discussion and I promise to reply as quickly as possible!

Have another brilliant day everyone!

Big hugs, Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:


Mark Twain said "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Kindness is something we can all understand. It generates a great experience as both giver and receiver.

In Greece, kindness towards the elderly is very important; they believe the older you are the wiser and more valuable you become. In Japan, people show their kindness and gratitude by bowing to each other. The younger person bows to the older person. A simple act of kindness can create an endless ripple effect!  

How do you show your kindness?  What are you going to do today?

Monday 22nd June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 21st Jun 2020 @ 3:22pm

Good Morning Robins and Happy Monday!


I hope you all had a super weekend!! Why not come and tell me what you’ve been up to over on our Class Discussion this morning. You can also ask any questions you might have about today’s work J

This week is National School Sport Week and so every day we will set you a new sporting challenge to keep you active! Start by watching the demonstration video and then take part in the challenge yourself!!

Challenge 1 – Wastepaper Basketball


How far can you shoot a basket from into a bin? Challenge someone to beat your distance and find new ways to throw it in? Can you adapt the challenge to make it more creative or encourage more family members to be involved?

This morning Mrs Hoskins has read a story for you:


A new week means there are some fabulous new lessons on the Oak National Academy website. Today we have a reading comprehension in English and our work continues on capacity and volume in maths.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/compare-capacity-and-volume 

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/reading-comprehension

There is also a really super PSHE lesson on the Black Lives Matter Movement which you may have heard about on the news recently. Oak National Academy want to create a lovey Tree of Hope which you can contribute to. Find out more in the lesson here: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/black-lives-matter

Our class timetable is also attached if you would like to finish some of the project work I have set for you.

And finally… our new weekly challenge booklet is attached below!!! This week we have a general knowledge quiz with a hidden question, a pretty challenging times table activity and a synonym task.

There are new home learning packs available in school if you would like one. They are ready to be picked up from the year 3 box in the school foyer J

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:


Today we are thinking about Tolerance.  Look at this video, it made me smile!


Which characters were being intolerant?

How do you think the big bird felt?

Why were the little birds mean to the big bird?

What could the little birds have done to make the big bird feel welcome?


Now read this poem, could you make a poster of it for our sharing window?

We are all born

In a different way

How we look

And what we say.

From different countries

Around the world

Of different genders:

Boys and girls.

Of many sizes

And colours too,

The things we like

And the things we do.

If everyone

Were the same you see

You wouldn’t be you,

And I wouldn’t be me!


Friday 19th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 18th Jun 2020 @ 6:03pm



Happy hot chocolate Friday my lovely Robins! What have you got planned for the weekend? I hope you have fun and stay safe whatever you do

This morning Mrs Powell has read a story for you:


As it’s Friday, I would like you to end your week with some positive thoughts… What 3 things have made you smile this week? Maybe it is an achievement of yours or something/someone you are grateful for. Why not share your 3 things with me over on our Class Discussion today? I would love to hear them!

Our final Maths and English lessons of the week are over on Oak National Academy this morning. In English we will be using everything we have learnt this week to write our own non-chronological report and maths focusses on reading capacity and volume. Enjoy:

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/read-capacity-and-volume/

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-write-a-non-chronological-report/

There will be another new home learning pack available to collect from school on Monday. Just pop into the school foyer area and collect one from our year 3 box.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to be ready, respectful and safe J

Sending big virtual hugs and lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx

Thursday 18th June - Robins, by Miss Beattie

Date: 17th Jun 2020 @ 5:09pm

Hello everyone and happy Thursday smiley               


What exciting thing are you going to do today?

This morning Mrs Brennan has read a story for you:


It has been so lovely to speak to some of you over the past couple of weeks on our daily class discussions. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your wonderful work with me and your Robin friends! If you haven’t joined in yet, why not log in to your pupil VLE and take part today!

As always, our timetable and task list is attached below with suggestions of activities and lessons you can take part in. If you have been joining in with our Oak National Academy lessons this week, they continue this morning with an English lesson on adverbials and a maths lesson on reading scales.

Maths: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/read-a-scale/

English: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/spag-focus-adverbials-570003/

Whatever you do today, I hope you have fun and carry on smiling J

Have a wonderful day! Lots of love,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling xxx


Message from Mrs Powell:

Geordie Stewart


Geordie has been on countless adventures in his young life, in August ’18, he cycled 22,500 miles over 430 days through 4 continents.

Geordie decided to set his sights on this ambitious venture when he was 17 and had no climbing experience.

The Seven Summits consists of:
- South America: Aconcagua
- Africa: Kilimanjaro

- Europe: Elbrus
- North America: Denali
- Antarctica: Vinson Massif
- Australasia/Oceania: Carstensz Pyramid
- Asia: Everest


When discussing his adventures, he said that reading books about adventures and going on adventures are very different.  He challenges us to all make our own adventures and discover whether this is the same as you think. Have you read about somewhere or seen something you would like to do?  Remember Alex said at the beginning of the week that we all have our own challenges whether this is riding a bike or a maths question.  We all have our own Everest to climb and challenge us!

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