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Week Beginning 21.10.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 16th Oct 2019 @ 8:18am

Wow! What a quick and fun-filled half term this has been. As we look into our final week, the children will be applying all their learning from our text ‘Seal Surfer’ and will write a sequence of letters in role. In maths, we will continue to look at addition, specifically adding a three-digit number and hundreds mentally.

In science, we will be finishing our Light topic by looking at the dangers of the sun and how we can protect our eyes and skin.

Towards the end of the week, Robins will be engaging in lots of topic-based lessons. They will begin to write a non-chronological report on the Stone Age and will produce their final piece of art work based on Stone Age cave paintings. 


Our spellings next week will continue to look at silent letters:

gnome, knee, honest, wrist, scissors, thumb, plumber, knowledge


Reminder: Friday 25th October will be a non-uniform day. KS2 children are asked to bring in a bottle for our Christmas Tombola.


As always, please pop in and see me if you have any questions or queries.

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

Week Beginning 14.10.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 9th Oct 2019 @ 12:37pm

What a super week we have had! Again, the children have made me extremely proud, particularly with their diary entry writing. Thank you to everyone who attended our Come and Join Us this week – I know how much your support means to the children.


In writing next week we will be focussing on letter writing. We will begin by looking at a range of letters to identify the features. We will then us this to help us plan and write our own letter in role as Tom from our book ‘Seal Surfer’. In maths, we will begin to look at addition in more detail, building up to using the written column method. In science, we will be carrying out an investigation to answer the question ‘How can we change the size of a shadow?’ In History, we will be using a variety of sources to find out more about the Stone Age.


Our spellings next week will look at silent letters: answer, island, February, length, strength, business, know, climb, wrong, calm


The Book Fair will be in school from Tuesday 8th October until Wednesday 16th October. It will be open from 3.20pm until 4pm every day in the year 5 classroom.


Reminder: Parents Evening will take place next week on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October. If you have any questions about your appointment day or time, please do not hesitate to speak to me.


Many thanks,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

Week Beginning 07.10.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 2nd Oct 2019 @ 5:45pm

Wow, another very busy week in Robins Class! Firstly, I want to say how proud I am of the children - their attitude towards their learning has been fantastic this week which has allowed us to produce some outstanding work! Also, a big well done Robins for your lovely prayer during our Harvest Festival.

Next week, we will be focussing on the different settings in our book ‘Seal Surfer’. We will be identifying high quality language used to describe the different seasons in the book and applying this in our very own setting descriptions. In maths, we will be using bar modelling to identify related number facts, and we will continue to practice mental strategies for adding and subtracting. In science, we will be investigating what makes a ‘good’ shadow, applying our knowledge of transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Next Friday 11th October, we will be making Apple Crumble as part of our DT topic on seasonality. If you have any questions about this, please come and have a chat with me.

Our spellings next week will continue to look at the im- prefix: impartial, improper, improbable, impatiently, immovable, immeasurable, important, immaturity

We would love it if you could attend our KS2 Come and Join Us session from 2pm on Wednesday 9th October where will be looking at the Artist William Kentridge and applying his charcoal techniques in our very own cave paintings.

Many thanks,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

Week Beginning 30.09.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 25th Sep 2019 @ 4:36pm

Hi everyone and welcome back to Robins Class Blog


We have had another busy week this week and all of the children have continued to work very hard!

Next week we will be focusing on using paragraphs correctly in our writing lessons. This will lead to the children planning and writing their own diary entry in role as a character from our book ‘Seal Surfer’. In maths, the children will be estimating and writing numbers on number lines. We will also begin to look at mental strategies for addition and subtraction. In topic we will be carrying out research on Thomas Edison and his invention of the lightbulb – we will be linking this to our science topic ‘light’ as well as our history topic ‘The Stone Age’.

Thank you so much for your continued support with reading at home and homework. Can I please remind you to sign your child’s diary when they have read so we can keep track of where they are up to. Please look in your child’s homework diary for their Spelling List and Times Tables focus for the week.

Our spellings next week will look at the im- prefix: impossible, imperfect, impolite, impatient, immoral, immature, immortal, immobile

Reminder: Whole School Harvest Service in the Church at 9.15am on Wednesday 2nd October. please could each child bring a donation for the food bank.

As always, please don’t hesitate to speak to me if you have any concerns or problems.

Many thanks,

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

Week Beginning 23.09.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 18th Sep 2019 @ 8:13pm

Robins have had another busy week! Our Stone Age workshop was definitely the highlight - we learnt so much and had fun at the same time!

Next week, Robins will be carrying on their writing based on our text 'Seal Surfer'. We will be thinking specifically about characters and using drama to infer their thoughts and feelings. We will then use this drama to help us punctuate direct speech. In maths, we will be continuing to look at place value, in particular finding 10 and 100 more or less than a given number. We will also be exploring shadows in science. 

The children will be taking part in National Fitness Day on Wednesday and will have a Tennis taster session on Thursday. This is in addition to their regular PE slot on Monday with Mr Ault. Children will therefore need their PE kits in school on these days. 

In spellings this week, we are continuing to look at the prefixes dis- and in-, as well as revising the prefix un-.

This week's spellings are: Disobey, disadvantage, disconnect, inactive, incredible, informal, unlock, unhappy, unsafe, unkind

If you have any questions, please pop in to see me.

Many thanks, 

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling




Week Beginning 16.09.19, by Miss Beattie

Date: 11th Sep 2019 @ 9:22pm

Welcome to Robins class blog! Every Thursday a new blog will be posted to inform you about what the children will be learning about in the upcoming week.

Firsty, I would like to thank all the parents who attended our 'Meet the Teacher Evening' - I have attached the PowerPoint from these sessions to our class page. 

The children in Robins class have settled into Year Three extremely well and I am very proud of their mature attitude and behaviour, as well as the work they have produced so far. 

This week we will be continuing our writing based on our book 'Seal Surfer'. In maths, we will continue to build on our knowledge of place value by comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000, as well as writing these in numbers and words. In science we will be exploring different light sources, making links to Stone Age fires. On Wednesday, we have our very exciting Stone Age Workshop to look forward to!

Our spelling words, which will be set on Friday 13th and tested on Friday 20th, will focus on words containing the dis- and in- prefixes. Our spellings this week are - disagree, disapprove, disappear, dishonest, dislike, incapable, incorrect, invisible, incomplete, independent.

I  have attached the link to a fabulous website where the children can practice their Times Tables, alongside using TT Rockstars: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

If you have any questions or queries, please speak to either myself or Mrs Esling. 

Thank you, 

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

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