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Y3 26.02.21, by Mrs Rice

Date: 25th Feb 2021 @ 5:36pm

Friday 26th February 2021   


Happy Friday Robins! We have made it to the end of another week!


Our Science lesson today, is all about which materials are reflective and those that are not. Remember to always ask before you go hunting for materials! Please watch the lesson by following this You Tube link.


  Times Tables

TTrock stars today. https://ttrockstars.com/


Find a comfy, cosy curl up spot to relax and enjoy the book you are reading at the moment.  


Let’s write the first entry of our diary today. Imagine that YOU have found a cave with amazing ancient cave paintings in. Please follow the link to watch my lesson.



Time for our LAST spelling quiz! The Power Point is attached and can be found also be following this link:




What are you going to do in your active time today? Why not try a Harry Potter Cosmic Kids Yoga session?



Enjoy your day today. You have been truly amazing this week. What a class of superstars. I look forward to hearing from you on School Spider.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Love from Mrs Rice xx

Y3 25.02.21, by Mrs Rice

Date: 23rd Feb 2021 @ 10:18pm

                      Thursday 25th February 2021   



Good morning superstars. It’s going to be another balance of great work, fun activities and time to play and rest. You are just so amazing in everything you are doing.

Don’t forget to post your work today on our homework pages, I’d love to see your learning.


Let’s continue our work with pounds and pence today. Follow the link to watch my lesson as we explore how to find the change.


  Times Tables

Have a go at times table Conga or coconut multiples– how far can you get today? Practise your 3x or 4x tables. https://www.transum.org/software/Game/TablesConga.asp