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Robins week beg 5th December

Date: 4th Dec 2022 @ 9:16am

In Writing this week we have begun to prepare for our final piece of writing before Christmas. We have drawn pictures and written noun phrases and similes to describe our fantasy characters. Next week we will plan and write our fantasy stories based on th book Winter's Child by Angela McAllister. In our reading lessons based on the book Ice Palace by Robert Swindells, we have been focusing on describing the author's choice of vocabulary and developing our own understanding of new words.

Please remember to read with your child for 10 - 15mins daily and record in diary if possible. Also take a look at their reading target which is on a sticker in their diary, some children may have the same target for a few weeks to work on. 

On Monday we will have our final rehearsals for our KS2 play before we show it to the rest of the school on Tuesday. We are very excited to share our lines and songs with you. 

Our spellings next week will focus on adding -ation to verbs to form nouns. We will continue to focus on 8 spellings each week as scores have increased over the past 2 weeks so well done everyone. Also a big well done to everyone who used the new spelling format in diaries and wrote out each word once in their beautiful, joined up handwriting. 

Spelling Quiz on Friday 9th December - temptation, preparation, information, sensation, adoration, admiration, explanation, exclamation.

Remember to make learning spellings fun. Maybe write out words in coloured pen, underline the key sounds, draw around the word with images, draw around the shape of the word, write on pavement in chalk, trace words in sand etc. This week in class we have been doing spelling doodles. 

Here is an online spelling game that your child will enjoy to revise Year 2 spellings and they can also have a go at some of the Year 3 spellings!


The children will have times tables homework based on their individual targets. Please return by Wednesday 7th December. The children did really well with their times tables quiz last week. They will do x2 out of order again next week before we look at the related division facts. 


Continue to use this game to revise and learn times tables. 

In class the children have also been using this multiples game to help learn their time tables. 


The children have really enjoyed using this train game to revise their addition and subtraction skills. It is lovely to see them challenge themselves as they move through the levels. Continue to just focus on the addition and subtraction carraiges.  


Next week in Maths, we will continue to focus on our arithmetic skills in the mornings. We start our first activity at 8.45 so if you could have your child in school for as close to this time as possible it allows them time to complete their morning arithmetic activity before we begin our Writing lesson at 9 sharp. Thanks for your support with this. We will also be working on adding and subtracting using more formal methods. 

Remember our PE days will remain as Monday and Wednesday for this term. 

In Computing we will continue to use the Keynote app to prepare presentations on the Stone Age and we will use Google to research facts on our chosen country for the World Cup. 

Our DT work for this term will focus on the Sustainability of Food. Next week we will continue to explore how it is best to use local ingredients that are in season when cooking. 

In RE we have begun our new Christianity topic on the Creation story and how Christians take care of the world. We will also begin to think about what we can do to look after the world for future generations. 

In ART we will complete our cave paintings and begin to do some Christmas crafts.  

The children will continue to have Ukulele lessons on a Thursday afternoon 

Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with,

Mrs Whittingham, Mrs O'Marah & Mrs Taylor

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