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Starlings: Blog items

Starlings Blog 26/3/2021, by Mrs O'Marah

Date: 25th Mar 2021 @ 8:36pm

Weekly Blog

26th March 2021

Hello Starlings and welcome back to our weekly class blog.

What another excellent week we have had in school, we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!


In writing we have continued with our class text ‘The Lion Inside’. We have enjoyed orally retelling the story with our friends. We have also been exploring how the animals were feeling at different points of the story.

Next week we will be writing our own stories inspired by the text.


This week our groups have been learning:


Gold Group

Ditty sheets

Green Group

Sounds focus: air, or, ir

Book: Black Hat Bob

Pink Group

Sounds focus: or, air, ir

Book: Tab the Cat

Orange Group

Sounds focus: aw, are, ur

Book: Look-Out

Blue Group

Sounds focus: ew, ire, ear

Book: The Poor Goose


In Maths this week we have been looking at ‘how many are left?’ We have looked at the number as a whole and subtracted a part to find what was left.

Next week we are continuing with subtraction and will be exploring counting back.


We have been so excited to see the frog spawn in our class tank hatch into tadpoles! We cannot wait to see them develop more and turn into frogs.

We also enjoyed planting trees in our school environment.



In RE this week we learned all about ‘The Last Supper’.


As next week is our last week and it’s a short week, we won’t be having a spelling quiz.


Wishing you all a lovely, safe and happy weekend.

Mrs. O’Marah, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Esling and Mrs. Southern.

Starlings Blog 19/3/2021, by Mrs O'Marah

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 8:26pm

Weekly Blog

19th March 2021

Hello to our lovely Starlings family and welcome back to our weekly class blog.

The children have enjoyed another fun-filled week of learning in school and have been impressing us all so much with their resilience, super attitude to learning and their smiles.


In writing we have been exploring our class text ‘The Lion Inside’. We have enjoyed looking at the different characters and describing their feelings and we have been mastering the use of ! in sentences too.


This week our groups have been learning:


Gold Group

Ditty sheets

Green Group

Sounds focus: ow, oo, oo, ar

Book: Six Fish

Pink Group

Sounds focus: oo, oo, ar

Book: In the Sun

Orange Group

Sounds focus: i_e, o_e, u_e

Book: Haircuts

Blue Group

Sounds focus: ow, ai, oa

Book: Hairy Fairy


In Maths this week we have been exploring number bonds and now we are moving onto subtraction.

Why not challenge us to make a number bonds rainbow at home and see how well we can recall them now!



In Science we are making the most of the changes in our outdoor environment in school by using our senses to identify signs of Spring on a scavenger hunt. We have also been looking at the weather and exploring how the weather changes with the seasons.


This week in History we have learned all about what the past is and we have enjoyed writing sentences about something we enjoyed doing which is in the past.


You will find spellings in your reading diary, but for your reference, this week’s words are






The quiz will take place on Friday 26th March so please practise at home beforehand, thank you! 😊


Wishing you all a lovely, safe and happy weekend.

Mrs. O’Marah, Mrs. Judge, Mrs. Esling and Mrs. Southern

Starlings Weekly Blog W/C 8th March, by Mrs Judge

Date: 10th Mar 2021 @ 3:22pm

Hello Starlings and welcome to this week's blog,

It has been so lovely having you back in school and seeing so many happy, smiling faces.

We have been celebrating National Science Week this week with a focus on ‘innovation’. We have learnt how crayons are made and all about the Crayola inventor and even made our own crayon scratch art. We have learnt about the Mars Rover mission and drawn our own Mars Rovers. We have investigated the best material to make a parachute with and designed our very own machines from recycled material.

In worship, we have been celebrating being back together and we will relaunch our ‘Global Goals’.

For writing, we have been making predictions and describing settings in our new book ‘The Lion Inside’ and for maths we have been making number bonds to 10.

We have also re-done our Read, Write, Inc assessments so a sticker will be put into diaries with information about changes. Each week, the children will bring home their RWI book, a RWI reading book and a bedtime book which we would love or you to share with them.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support with home learning this term - it means so much to us and is had a great impact on the children. 

Stay safe,

Mrs. Judge, Mrs. O’Marah, Mrs. Esling and Mrs. Southern


Starlings Home Learning 5th March, by Mrs O'Marah

Date: 4th Mar 2021 @ 11:27pm

Friday 5th March 2021   

Happy Friday everyone. Here we are again at the end of another hard working week. You are all amazing and we are just so proud of how much enthusiasm and hard work you are putting into your school jobs.

Well done superstars- we couldn’t be more proud of the amazing children we have at Lostock Gralam and don’t forget to tell your adults that we think they are superheroes. You have blown our socks off Starlings, you have had a smile on your faces every morning and you have tried your best with your home learning tasks every day. Well done!


Click on the link for Mrs Powell’s worship today: https://youtu.be/MTgdJpAbcc4


Next week in school we will be celebrating Science week and we have lots of fun activities planned for you and the whole-school focus for the week will be on ‘Innovating for the Future’, that means using Science to come up with new ideas and technology that will change the World one day. We want to celebrate the Mars Rover robot landing in Space, so to launch this we would like you to learn about the astronaut Mae Jemison today. 

Have a look at the lesson video to find out more: https://youtu.be/dQoGJnhiP2A 

Reflect and return to school task:

Today we would like you to just reflect on the last 8 weeks of remote learning and to think ahead to your return to school. There are some lovely activities below to help you to do this. You might want to print them from the attachment, or you might want to create your own doodles in your own style.

If you want, you could play this lovely relaxing music whilst you create your ideas today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2UEqBdU7go&list=RD-j2uKUK5P10&index=2