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2.12.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 28th Nov 2019 @ 7:32pm

Can you believe we are in December already!? How did that happen?

Rehearsals are in full swing for the Christmas Play and the Christmas tree is up!

Next week, we are going to be getting ready for Christmas with a letter to Santa. In Maths, we are consolidating all of our numbers we have learnt to 5. We have been using our fingers to show different ways we can make numbers and we are getting very good at writing them correctly.

We will be looking at goodies and baddies in different fairytales and their different charactertistics. 

Thank you for all of your continued support and please ask if you have any questions. 

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins 



18.11.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 14th Nov 2019 @ 7:59pm

Next week is Nursery Rhyme Week in Owls class to celebrate world Nursery Rhyme week. 

We will be taking part in a range of activities, including counting spiders from Incy Wincy and sharing out of bags of wool from baa baa black sheep!

Our number of the week is 6. We are continuing to have a big focus on forming numbers correctly and looking at a set of objects and knowing how many there are (up to 4 objects) without counting. 

I am so proud of how well the children are getting on with their red tricky words. These are words that can't be sounded out so need to be learnt by sight, I will send home a list of the first set of red words we are working on in class.

We are having a real focus on writing our round letters and will be sending home a sheet for the children to practise. 

This week, singing practice is beginning for our Christmas play. We are so excited!

As always, thank you for your continued support and please ask if you are unsure of anything or if we can help in anyway.

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins

11.11.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 4:19pm

What a brilliant first week back we have had! The children have been working so hard.

I have sent home some of the red tricky words we have been learning this week in phonics. If you can please help your child to read and spell these it would be most appreicated. We are practising them every day in school. 

Next week, we are starting our new topic 'Will you read me a story?' which is all about fairytales. In Literacy, the children will enter the classroom to a crime scene which they have to help solve. This will help to introduce our new class text 'The Three Little Pigs.'

In Maths, we will beginning to sort objects and come up with our own rules to sort objects. 

Have a lovely week and if you have any questions please come and ask.

Mrs Campion and Mrs Hoskins.

21.10.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 17th Oct 2019 @ 12:45pm

I can't believe we are at the end of the first half term already! It has flown by and I can't believe how well the children have settled and how much they have learnt already.

Thank you to everyone who came to parents evening. It was wonderful to share how well they are all doing and what a brilliant start to school they have had.

In Literacy, we will b continuing to make up our own stories based on peace at last and in Maths we will be learning about the number 4. 

We will also be learning about Diwali and how it is celebrated and linking it to celebrations that we share with our families.

Have a wonderful half term break and thank you for all your support this half term.

Mrs Campion and Mrs Hoskins.

14.10.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 8th Oct 2019 @ 8:32pm

Hello! Another busy week ahead in Owls class. 

In Literacy, the children will begin to think of other noises that may keep Mr Bear awake at night and use these to begin to make up their own narratives based on the Peace at Last story we have been reading in class. 

In Maths, we will be exploring the number 3 in greater depth and looking at stories and songs linked to the number 3. We will also be looking at different ways we can make 3 and learning more about triangles. 

We are very excited to be learning about night time animals and we have a very special surprise lined up for them next week. Keep your eyes peeled on twitter. 

Please record any reading your child does in their reading diary. We are continuing to focus on letter and number formation in school and we are practising writing our name everyday. If you could also practise at home it would be much appreciated. 

You should have received an appointment for Parents Evening on either Tuesday or Wednesday. If there are any problems or you are unsure of your time please come and ask.

Hope you all have a fanastic week and thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins. 

30.9.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 25th Sep 2019 @ 8:45pm

Wow another super busy week in Owls class. We had an amazing time taking part in a fitness workshop this week and we now know lots of new sounds. 

You will find it the book bags a set of sound cards. These cover the sounds we have covered so far in phonics. Please practise these sounds with your child and begin to put the cards together to make words. E.g it sit mat sat pin. It is important that the children sound out each individual sound and then blend the sounds together to make the word. If you are unsure please come and ask. 

In Literacy, we are continuing to use 'Peace at Last' to help us with our writing. We will be looking at pictures from the story and beginning to identify the initial sound in some of the objects we can see and may even begin to write some labels. 

In Maths, we will be sorting into groups and will learn that collections of objects can be sorted into sets based on size, colour and shape. They will begin to understand that the same collection of objects can be sorted in different ways and will come up with their own criteria to sort objects, Our number of the week is number 5. Please help rite this number at home and count 5 claps, 5 toys etc. 

The children are really enjoying their night time topic. We will be learning why it is important to get enough sleep at night and making dream catchers.

Harvest Festival is at Church at 9:15 on Wednesday 2nd October. Can each child please bring a donation for the foodbank. You are very welcome to come and join us. We will be singing a special song.

It is  a 'Come and Join us' session also on Wednesday at 2pm. This is an opportunity for you to come and spend time with your child in the classroom.We would love it if you could come along!

Thank you for all your support at home with the children with reading and practising writing letters. Please can you record any reading/homework you do with your child in their blue diary.

As always, please come and ask if you are unsure about anything or have any questions. 

Thank you for all of your support.

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins.

23.9.19, by Mrs Campion

Date: 19th Sep 2019 @ 8:16am

We are so proud of all our Owls and how well they are settling into their new daily routine. 

We continue to have our phonics daily so please continue to practise letter formation at home. We are practising every day in school.

We have read our new class text 'Peace at last' and we will be looking at images  from the story and and trying to identify the inital sound. We will begin to look at pictures of Mr Bear's house and the different rooms. We will then try to draw a floor plan of our own house. We will begin to write some labels to go on our plans. At this stage, we will be looking at initial sounds and what the word begins with. 

In Maths, our number of the week is number 4. We will be looking at groups of objects to see if we can estimate how many there are and then counting to check. We will continue to practise writing numbers.

Any questions please come and ask.

Have a wonderful week.

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins. 

W.C 16th September, by Mrs Campion

Date: 9th Sep 2019 @ 8:17pm

We are so proud of how well the Owls have settled into their new class and they had a fantastic first full week at school. 

This week, we will be starting our new topic 'What happens when I fall asleep?' which is all about nightime.  On Tuesday, we wil be having a pyjama day so the children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas for the day!(Favourite night time cuddly toys are also invited!) Please can children wear normal school footwear, as we will be going outisde. We will be reading a story 'When the World is ready for bed' and using it to discuss our bedtime routines. We will also discuss things that help us to fall asleep at nght and share them with each other. The children will then create a picture with their something happy to help them fall asleep. 

In Maths, our number of the week is number 3. We will be practising counting and writing numbers correctly. 

As always, please come and ask if you have any questions.

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Campion & Mrs Hoskins.


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