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Y2 31.03.20

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 6:30pm

Buenas Dias Swallows

How are you all? I am very tired today! Thomas, Will and I went on a bike ride adventure yesterday (well I was running beind them!) and we were out for ages, exploring the county lanes. We had great fun although as I am getting old now, my legs are very sore today! Especially with all the Joe Wicks PE lessons that I am doing. I hope that you have managed to join in with him too. Whilst out, we spotted so many birds singing happily in the bushes, lots of beautiful flowers and other signs of spring in the counrty side.

I am going to set you a little task for each day this week. Don't worry if you don't do them, it is just some ideas. You can do them when ever you like and show me when we are back together again at school. Here goes:

Tuesday - Design a new front cover for The Enchanted Wood

Wednesday - Invent a new character for The Enchanted Wood story, draw a picture of them (someone who dwells/lives in the tree or in an exciting land above the tree) describe what they look like and what thier personality is like using exciting noun phraes eg long, bedy legs like spaghetti, eyes as wide as saucers, tangled, greasy hair and a sharp temper. 

Thursday - Spend 15 minutes learning your times tables. Can you say them in order, a mixed up order and tell your family what the division facts are? eg 30 divided by 5 means how many fives can fit inside 30?

Friday - Can you find 10 numbers that are:

A multiple of 2 and that number has to be a multiple of 5 and it has to be a multiple of 10 aswell. 

You can tweet your work to our school twitter account or send it to admin@lostockgralam.cheshire.sch.uk for me to have a look at.

These are only ideas to keep you busy, I just want you to keep safe and be happy. Keep smiling my lovely Swallows and don't forget to "shake your sillies out, yawn your sleepies out and clap your crazies out" if you feel bored! Try teaching our funny song to your family. 

A message from Mrs Powell

“ I think I can. I know I can.”

Dear children, When we do something do we say we can’t do it? Try and change that today and tell yourself you can do anything. Remember you are amazing and if you believe in yourself you can do anything!

Bye for now, I will write to you again tomorrow. We miss you all 

Love Mrs Rice and Mrs Elson

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