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Week Beginning 20.01.20

Date: 15th Jan 2020 @ 5:21pm

Another super week for Robins! I am extremely proud of how hard the children have worked this week to produce their own fantasy stories.

Next week, Robins Class will begin their new non-fiction text in our Writing lessons. We will begin by listening to sound effects and will make predictions about what our book might be about. We will then unpick the text page by page throughout the week.

In maths we will continue to look at multiplication and division – specifically multiplying and dividing by 8. We will also use our 2, 4, and 8 times tables to do some problem solving.

In science, Robins will be learning about the different food groups and their functions. We will be thinking about the consequences of not eating a balanced diet. In topic, Robins will be continuing to think about Stonehenge. They will be deciding whether it really is the biggest achievement of the Bronze Age. We will begin by researching the other achievements of this time period and then we will hold a class debate.


Robins spellings for the test on Friday 24th January will look at words with the suffix –ation.

Temptation, information, plantation, alteration, limitation, relaxation, adaptation, consideration


Please try to read with your child daily, as well as practice their spellings and times tables.

As always, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to speak to us!

Miss Beattie and Mrs Esling

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