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Tuesday 31st March

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 5:46pm

Happy Tuesday lovely Owls.

Thank you for all the lovely photos and videos you shared yesterday.

It made me  smile to to see some od you doing your daily speed sound lessons, reading your books, doing a little bit of writing in your new books, drawings of Paddington. A few of you I can see have learnt how to ride your book what an amazing achievement. Keep sharing.

Grown ups-please remember not to put too much pressure on yourself to get lots of work done. It is only week 2 and we are still adjusting to this new way of working. Please be kind to yourself. It is ok for the children to just have days when they are playing at home. I have been doing lots of playing with my two at home. 'Playing is learning.' The most important thing for us is that the children are happy.

I have put a link to this fantastic Early Years website with lots of ideas to do at home with our little ones: https://www.eyfshome.com/activities-by-day

They launched on Friday with a trial day all about 'My Home' and will continue to post some ideas each day. Maybe if you are stuck for ideas today you could have a look. I'm going to try some of them today. 

Hope you have a wonderful day. It isn't quite as sunny as it has been but its not raining so enjoy some fresh air today.

Looking forward to seeing what today brings.

Love Mrs Campion and Mrs Hoskins x

“ I think I can. I know I can.”

Message from Mrs Powell:

Dear children, When we do something do we say we can’t do it?  Try and change that today and tell yourself you can do anything.  Remember you are amazing and if you believe in yourself you can do anything!

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