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Toucans week ending 19th March

Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 4:03pm

Week ending the 19th March 2021

Another busy but productive week in Toucans. Great to see everyone learning German together, playing Cricket and just generally having plenty of opportunities to interact with their classmates as they complete their curricular activities.


The only homework we want our children to be doing at the moment is reading and spellings.

Spellings for next week will focus on Silent Letters.

Spellings will be tested on Friday 26th March – calm, autumn, climb, guest, gnome, doubt, lamb, solemn, know, knee


Maths – Geometry

We will be looking at reading and plotting coordinates, translating and reflecting shapes.

Please also continue to do some times tables work at home.


English – The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

We will be writing expanded noun phrases, using the passive voice and semi-colons and participating in role play.


We will be researching various aspects of World War 2 in groups and presenting our findings on a poster.


We will be developing our drawing skills focusing on sketching faces. We will also be mixing colours and creating some pieces of Christian Art based on the work of Cindy Norris.

Science – Light

We will focus on completing the objectives that we missed out on during lockdown that we needed to finish from before Christmas.

PE days will be Thursday (cricket) and Friday (Mr Ault).

Toucans can also attend Mr Ault’s after school club on Fridays.  

Kind regards,

Mrs Whittingham, Mrs Downing and Mr Beswick

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