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Goldfinches WB 18.7.22

Date: 18th Jul 2022 @ 1:58pm

Welcome to Goldfinches’ Weekly Blog 

The final blog for the class of 2021-2022! 

Friday Superstar:  Samuel 

 Top Table children: Amy and Harriet 

We would just like to say what a pleasure it has been to see our wonderful Goldfinches grow and mature over the past year. We are proud of each and every one of them in their journey through the Year 4 curriculum and their own personal development. They are more than ready to fledge up to Skylarks and start their Year 5 adventure but we still want to see them popping in to Goldfinches to say hello next year! 

This week:  

Please remember we finish at 1pm on Thursday 21st July. 

DT: We will use our Scientific knowledge of electricity and circuits to make our own working torches. Please send in any clean and empty plastic bottles, yoghurt pots/packaging for us to recycle. 

Science: We will be setting up and carrying out our own Science experiments. Again, we would be grateful if you could raid your recycling bins for clean/empty packaging. 

Reading books: Please ensure all school reading books are returned. 

Reading: The Library Reading Challenge is on once again and it would be lovely to hear how well our children have got on with it over the summer holidays.  

Times Tables: Continue to use the websites you love to keep the tables ticking over. 




PE: Final PE session for Y4 on Monday. 

Geography/Art: We will add the final touches to our lovely river collages. 

Thank you also to all of our lovely Goldfinch parents and families for your support over the past year. Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer.  

Mrs Evans and Mrs Judge. 

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