Year 1 Starlings

Welcome to Starlings Class

Our Teacher is Miss Gillam

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brennan


Starlings Class Autumn Term

Starlings Class have been reading about Sunny the meerkat and his adventures in the Kalahari Desert where he lives.

Meerkat Mail is a story of self-exploration, of believing that the grass is greener, of leaving home and coming back again… Our hero Sunny the meerkat lives with his family in the Kalahari Desert and is fed up with two things – the place where he lives and the people (or meerkats!) he lives with. It’s time to move on, so he packs his suitcase, writes a note and starts his search for a better place to eat his ice-creams. We join him as he travels around the world in search of a new home.  Sunny finally arrives at the end of the story that ‘there is no place like home’.

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Spring Term


This term we have been learning about the fantastic story ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’.

The Creepy Crawlie Show came and taught us lots of interesting facts about creepy crawlies. We held snakes, giant African snails, tarantulas and much more.

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Our parents came to help us make healthy snacks for the Aaaarrgghh Spider family.

We went on a fantastic trip to Knowsley Safari Park. We found out about animals and their habitats.





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