Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness


Here at Lostock Gralam C of E Primary School we ensure our Science teaching and learning reflects our school vision ‘Children are at the heart of everything that we do and Christ is the light that guides us’ (John 8:12). 


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Our children live out our Christian Values (Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness) in their lessons.

Children show friendship and love as they work collaboratively to explore ‘big questions’ through hands-on, practical science. They demonstrate curiosity about the world around them yet are open to the fact that some answers cannot be provided by Science. They also show perseverance when tackling tasks that require an element of wrestling and grappling. Children feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when they have those “lightbulb” moments in lessons. They are able to experience awe and wonder as they explore new scientific concepts and skills. 

We encourage the use of our wonderful outdoor learning space to give children the opportunity to experience the awe and wonder of God's creations. Children are taught to respect God's creatures when carrying out observational fieldwork. Trips and visits also play a huge role in developing children's science capital here at Lostock. 


"I love science because it’s so fun and it gets my mind full of new things. It makes me want to go home and explore the world even more."

- Quote from a Year One child. 


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Science is a core subject within the National Curriculum.

At Lostock Gralam, our vision for science is that "All children will become scientific thinkers who are curious about the world around them. They will be inspired to learn through our hands-on, inquiry-based approach to science".

Our Science Curriculum enables the children at Lostock to develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, processes and skills. Each year group teaches science topics as set out in the National Curriculum.

Through our Science curriculum we aim to:

  • Develop a positive attitude towards Science and ensure that children can see the relevance in everyday life.
  • Ensure children have the opportunity to investigate and work collaboratively
  • Give children the confidence and ability to use scientific knowledge and skills.
  • Develop Mathematical skills and enable children to see links to other areas of the Curriculum.
  • Allow children to communicate their findings in a variety of ways.
  • Encourage children to work both independently and cooperatively with others.


In 2021, Lostock Gralam Church of England Primary School was awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark:


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Science in EYFS:

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Pupil Voice:

"My favourite thing about science is testing things, like when we tested materials to make our boats."

"I like that we have to find the answer to a question ourselves, rather than the teacher just telling us."

"Investigations are good because it helps me remember my learning."

"I like when we go outside."


Science at home:








To find out more about the Science objectives being covered and the topics covered in each year group please download the attached files.



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