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Fun Foxes

Fun Foxes Before & After School Provision


Fun Foxes is our before and after school provision. This is staffed by the familiar adults that work with our children during the day. We are open from 7.45am until school starts and the end of the school day until 5.45pm. 

During Fun Foxes, the children explore our school grounds, play games and do arts and crafts.Theresa, our sports coach, joins the children in the afternoon to give them the opportunity to take part in sports activities. 


Pupil Voice:

We really like going to Fun Foxes and this is why!


I like doing arts and crafts and playing with the K-Nex and showing my creations to everyone – Zach

I like being with my friends. Mrs Rathbone is my friend too! – Sophie

We love using the Zoob’s to build robots and love using the colour books and felt tips

I like doing sports with Theresa  and I like that we get to play with lots of fun toys 

We get to play and have lots of fun and like making the jigsaws – Daisy   

I like playing chess and beating Mrs Rathbone – Jayden

I like drawing and joining in with all the nice activities and  I like playing with all my friends - Ezrae and Savannah


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For further information please contact us using the details below.

Telephone: 01606 668270

email: admin@lostockgralam.cheshire.sch.uk



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