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Online Safety

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Children use the internet regularly in school. Technology enhances and improves learning in school and we want to ensure children get the most from it while at Lostock and as older on-line learners.

E-safety is taught as part of our curriculum and here at Lostock we have developed a long term plan that covers the strands: Safety and Security, Digital Citizenship and Research and Information Literacy.

At home children sometimes have unsupervised access to the internet.  This, potentially, enables them to access all kinds of people and content, both positive and harmful, and bring that content into their homes.

To help support your child online please read the following information leaflet from Childnet International.


Further links to help support your child online:





Click on the link below to read the government guide to inform parents and carers about some of the possible risks to children and young people of using social media. It describes why children and young people use social media, what some of the dangers might be and how parents can engage with their children to protect themselves online. It also offers practical tips to minimise risks, sources of further information and who to contact if there are concerns.



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