Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness

Our Church School


Our partner church is St. Johns the Evangelist, Lostock Gralam, Church of England.

You can access the church's website here.


Our Church School


Our vision statement is at the forefront of every decision that we make:

Children are at the heart of everything that we do and Christ is the light that guides us (John 8:12).


"In worship we explore how Christs' example can be the guiding light in our lives." - Y6 Quote


IMG_E0017[1].JPG     IMG_E0030[1].JPG


At Lostock Gralam, we place high importance on our Christian Values. They help us to live good lives and give us strength to be the kind, loving and respectful wider family that makes our school such a special place to be part of. The sunflower is an important analogy of her Vision Statement. Sunflowers turn to the light in order to thrive, just as we turn to Christ's example to guide us. 


Our core Christian Values are:Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness. 

These are displayed proudly in our hall, celebrating our fantastic art skills as well as giving us visual reminders of how we treat each other. 


hope.jpg  respect.jpg  friendss.jpg  courage.jpg  forgive.jpg  Love 2.JPG


Our Christian Values are also displayed in the children's outdoor reflection area, where they can visit for quiet moments of reflection or simply sit alone or with friends to enjoy God's beautiful world. Our Ethos Team collected ideas from their classes to design our new, beautiful area. 


RA.jpg RA 2.jpg RA 3.jpg RA 4.jpg RA 5.jpg



Our School Prayer




                     Dear God

                     This is our school

                     May our school be full of joy

                     May love be here among us every day

                     Let us remember

                    That many hands build a house

                    So every child can make this school a lovely place to be





Reflection Areas

Each class has a Reflection area where the children can have a moment of calm relfection, write prayers, read the Bible or simply sit. 


       R1.jpg R2.jpg R3.jpg R4.jpg R5.jpg                                             


                                                                     Y2 reflection area.jpg Reflection area in use.jpg


Our Ethos Group met with Vicar Andrew to discuss how we can improve our reflection areas and then went about setting up new and exciting items for each classroom. The children came up with the idea of using mirrors and crystals to symbolise the importance of 'light' in our vision statement and letting our light shine like Christ did. 


        Reflection area 1.jpg  Reflection area 2.jpg  Reflection area 3.jpg


Chester Cathedral Canon Chancellor Award

We are very proud to have been awarded a Chester Cathedral Canon Chancellor Award in July 2021 for the work our school has done to protect God's beautiful world. Our Ethos group, School Council and Head Students produced a video to explain and promote how our faith has inspired our conservation work. We are looking forward to working closely with Chester Cathedral on their "Amazing Light" Science and Faith workshop. Please follow this link to see our work in action:



                                     award 2.jpg       award 3.jpg       award.jpg




Worship is the heart beat of our school and is an incredibly important part of our school day. During worship we learn more about our faith and those of others, join together in group and personal prayer as well as providing us with time and space for reflection.

Worships may be delievered by children, staff and visitors using Bible stories, drama, role play, using art as a stimulus and music. Our weekly worships are structured as follows:

  • Monday: Picture News - Here we explore the impact of topical issues on God's world and the people in it.
  • Tuesday: Christian Values/Agents of Hope/World Faiths - Here we explore the focus Christian value of the half term, learn about real life agents of hope and celebrate other religions. 
  • Wednesday: Open the Book - Our friends from Church take us on journey through the Bible using role play and drama. 
  • Thursday: Praise Singing 
  • Friday: Sunflower Awards - Here we recognise how children have used Christ's light and Christian values throughout the week. 


                  Display.jpg  Display 2.jpg  Display 3.jpg


"We all come together and praise God as a whole school."

"Lighting the 3 wick candle before worship helps me to feel close to Jesus."

"We learn something new every day and have fun singing and listening to bible stories in an exciting way."


We love singing and dancing in worship and often bring these songs back to our classrooms as a means of continuing our spirituality throughout the day.

                                                                                         Whole school singing worship.JPG


Open the Book Worship

Each week during worship, our friends from Open the Book share the exciting parts of the big Bible story with us. Children are encouraged to take part in the drama to share the important message of the story. 

"I love helping Open the Book sing songs and act out different bible stories to help me understand." - Y1 Quote

"It is nice that we can invite friends and visitors in to share worship with us." - Y4 Quote


OTB.jpeg OTB 3.jpg OTB 2.jpg OTB 4.jpg


For the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, our friends from Open the Book visited school to help us plant a reflection garden in our School grounds. They helped us to install our wonderful three tier water feature which is a visual reminder of how we love God in three different ways. 


                           Jub 3.jpg  Jub 1.jpg  Jub 2.jpg


Church Worships 

Throughout the year, Vicar Andrew visits us at school to introduce each new Christian value. He then invites all classes individually over to Church to have a personal class worship with him to explore the Christian value further. We also attend worships in Church as a whole school to celebrate Christian festivals such as Harvest, Christingle, Christmas and Easter. 


"I love when Vicar Andrew teaches us new songs with actions in Church." - Y2 Quote


C1(1).jpg C2(1).jpg C3.jpg C4(1).jpg C5.jpeg

                            C5.jpg C6.jpg C7.jpeg


Children leading Worship

Because children are at the heart of everything we do, we like to involve them in the planning and delivering of worships. Throughout the year, classes plan and deliver a worship based on their Phase 2 curriculum learning which focuses on social and environmental impact on God's world. Our active Ethos Group open and close worship each day, collect and share prayers from class reflection areas and act out scenarios to emphasise the message of the worship.  

Year 6 Ethos Group gather pupil voice reflections on worship weekly and each class also takes responsibility for our school reflection book where we gather our thoughts about the impact of our worships. The children also keep our friends in Church updated with weekly school news via an email to Vicar Andrew who reads this out in Church each Sunday. 

"It's nice to hear what the children next door are getting up to, especially as I used to attend Lostock myself many years ago." - Quote from Church member


Our Year 4 children planned and led a worship based on their science learning and the negative impact humans can have on God's planet. The children from Goldfinches' Class challenged the rest of the school to make one change to positively protect God's world and the creatures within it, as well as being courageous advocates themselves by organising a litter pick on the school grounds.


              Gold 1.jpg   Gold2.jpg   Gold 3.jpg


As a result of the Year 4 worship, children from other classes demonstrated their courageous advocacy by litter picking in the local area during their own time.


Litter.jpg      Litter 2.jpg


We warmly welcomed one of our families to lead worship based on Chinese New Year. They kindly brought their magnificent lion, showed us Chinese writing explained why the colour red is so important to Chinese people.  As a result of this worship, children made lanterns reflecting on what they had learnt from their friends. 

                       Chinese canvass.JPG  IMG_1892.JPG  IMG_1903.JPG       



Our friend Imran visits school from time to time to explain about his religion Islam. He shares the similarities and differences between being a Christian and a Muslim.  
"Muslims use light to know when Ramadan begins and we use Christ's light to guide us." Y5 quote


IMG_2017.JPG  IMG_1997.JPG  IMG_2009.JPG



Agents of Hope

Hope is one of our core Christian values which has inspired us to learn about real life examples of people who have shown resilience in the face of adversity. These agents of hope help us to celebrate God's diverse world, reinforcing the message that there are 'No Outsiders' in our school.

An example of a real ‘Agent of Hope’ who visited our school recently is Manchester United and Ireland football player Aoife Mannion. She talked to us about how she had to have perseverance and hope to get to where she is today and inspired us to each for our dreams.


“'If you can'?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Mark 9:23. 23


            Aoife.jpg   Aoife 2.jpg   Aoife 3.jpg


We have also been visited by Agents of Hope Scott Rogers (Head coach of the England Amputee football team) alongside Liam Burbridge (an England and Everton player). They shared the Christian Values that the team uses in order to be so successful. We learnt about the differences between this game and able-bodied football. Our children thoroughly enjoyed learning about this sport and asked a range of excellent questions.
Y1 "Do you have to use courage and be brave when you play?"
Y2 "I can see that you keep going and never give up even if it is tricky."
Y3 "How did you feel when you were appointed the head coach job for England?"
Y4 "I think that you have to show perseverance as running on crutches must be difficult for your body."
Y5 "Is friendship and team work important for your success?"
Y6 " Do you feel proud of your achievements following your accident?"
scott1.jpeg Scott2.jpeg Scott3.jpeg

Building on our Worships about 'Agents of Hope' our Y5 and Y6 Ethos team independently planned and delivered a worship based around different 'Agents of Hope’ in the real world. The children shared inspirational stories and gave us hope that if things are tricky we can always achieve our dreams. 

Agents of hope.jpg


Faith in Action

Members of our Ethos group and School Council visited the 'Refugee Trail' at Overleigh St Mary's Primary School to meet current refugee children living in our county. We shared our experiences of how to welcome new people into our schools and the Christian Values needed to help each other. This was an inspiring and emotional visit for both schools. 
"I feel really lucky with my life after meeting our new friends." - Year Five quote from Lostock Gralam
"You welcomed us into your school and showed us love and respect." - Year Three quote from Overleigh St Mary's
20230620_105554 (1).jpg  20230620_105120.jpg  20230620_104725.jpg  20230620_100347.jpg

As part of our faith in action, choir visited our local care home to spread joy through singing. The children shared our Christian values of Love, Kindness and Respect with our new friends who loved joining in with our songs.


                                choir.jpg   choir 2.jpg





 Our gardening club have also worked closely with the members of our local community. The children showed respect when they met the members of our local Church to discuss a joint project of creating a community garden in the church grounds. They met with the Church members over a drink and biscuit to discuss the vision for the garden, before getting hard at work to bring the vision to life. 


                     Garden.jpg     Garden 2.jpg


Visit from Bishop Julie of Birkenhead
We were delighted to welcome Bishop Julie of Birkenhead into school. She led a worship where she explained why Jesus was her rock. We linked this to Christ being the guiding light in our lives too. Using Matthew Chapter 7, Bishop Julie retold the man who built his house upon the rock story and explained how Jesus is like the rock in the story, he is the firm foundation for all of us. She then visited our Key Stage Two classes for a question and answer session. 
  • "How is your job different to Vicar Andrew's job?" Year Three quote.
  • "What do you enjoy about your job?" Year Four quote.
  • "Have you ever had an event in your life that has tested your faith?" Year Five quote.
  • "Do you prefer Messi or Ronaldo?" Year Three quote. 
  • "As a child, how can I take my faith further?" Year Five quote. 
                                  bishop.jpeg     bishop 2.jpeg

Coronation of King Charles III

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, we held a special worship in church where we asked God to guide our new king in his role to serve our country. We discussed the Christian Value of ‘Service’ as the new King promises to continue the never-ending service that his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, showed our country. We ended our service with the national anthem and planted new red and white flowers in our remembrance planter in our school grounds.


             Charles 1.jpg   Charles 6.jpg  Charles 7.jpg 

A prayer for our King from Hope Together:

Our Father in heaven,
We pray today for our new King Charles III. Grant him your peace as he commits himself again to your
service. Give him strength and perseverance as he promises to serve us all as King. May he know you
are walking with him day by day. Help him to fulfil his vows and promises. May he follow the example
of Jesus – the ultimate King of Kings. God bless the King.


 Charles 2.jpg Charles 4.jpg Charles 5.jpg Charles 3.jpg    


Our Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Messages of condolences for the Queen in the Parish Book of Condolences:


1.jpg   2.jpg


Our Head Students and members of Ethos group shared our whole school reflections of Queen Elizabeth. Each child made a leaf with their own thoughts and prayers on for the Queen and her family. We thanked God for her life and service to others.


hhh.jpg  hhhh.jpg  hhhhh.jpg


We explored the Christian Value of Service in worship as we reflected on the exceptional service of Queen Elizabeth. We discussed how we can follow her example with the support of a quote from the book of Acts 20:35:

'Remembering the words Jesus himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."


mm.jpg  m(2).jpg



Inter-Faith Week

During Inter-Faith Week, we welcomed a variety of different visitors into school to share their religions and faiths with us. The children showed respect and enthusiasm during their learning from our Quaker, Christian, Muslim, Unitarianism and Baha’i visitors.

This week helped the children understand what a diverse country we live in, as well as the similarities and differences between our Christian faith and those of our visitors. Inter-Faith week ended with a sharing assembly where the children showed wonderful courage in presenting what they had learned about the different faiths and how we can live well together in front of the rest of the school. 


“Every religion seems to have kindness in it and how to look after each other so even though we belong to different religions, we have lots of the same values.” - Quote from Y6 pupil.


inter 1.jpg inter 2.jpg inter 3.jpg inter 4.jpg


Harvest Festival

We enjoyed a beautiful Harvest Festival in Church with our friends and families celebrating all the good things that God has given us. Every child took part in a class song or poem to thank God for his wonderful world and produce.

Our favourite lines from ‘Beautiful World’ that reflect our thoughts this week are:

“Thank you for the morning light Thank you for the moonlight night. Thank you for the sunshine and the rain. Thank you for the hope you bring. Thank you, God, for everything. It’s a beautiful world, you made.”


      Harvest 1.jpg Harvest 2.jpg Harvest 3.jpg harvest.jpg           

Thank you to our children and families for their generous donations which will be greatfully received by The Cheshire Food Hub in our village. 



Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day, the whole school visited the war memorial at church on Friday 11th November to show our respect for everyone involved in previous and current conflicts. We held a special worship with our friends from Church and observed a minutes silence to The Last Post and Reveille music. Our Year 6 children also wrote and delivered parts of our special worship at the War Memorial. 

                            Cenotaph 2.jpeg Cenotaph 3.jpeg Cenotaph.jpeg

Back at school during reflecion time, each child planted a poppy seed into recycled tyres, formed in the shape of a poppy, as a sign of respect. We have enjoyed watching the poppies grow and they have helped us remember the sacrifies the soldiers made. 


Rem.jpg Rem 2.jpg IMG_9518.JPG IMG_9526.JPG Poppy fun foxes.jpeg   


Nature Club designed and decorated the beautiful planters that are proudly displayed at the front of school to show our respect to all service people past and present. 


IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0821.JPG IMG_0822.JPG IMG_0823.JPG


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


                                        RR1.jpg    RR2.jpg    RR4.jpg                                                                                                             recycled poppy.jpg                         FF poppy.jpg                            


"We have collected recycled milk lids to create a popopy to help us to remember the sacrifices the soldiers made and make for us." Quote from Y5 child.            



We enjoyed a special worship led by Vicar Andrew who explained the significance of the Christingle for Christians. Every child made their own Christingle in school and together, using glow sticks, we "lit" our Christingles to feel a sense of community and belonging as well as awe and wonder. We thought about our vision statement "Christ is the light that guides us" as our Christingles lit up the darkness, as Jesus lights the way for each and every one of us.


"The sweeties are a reminder of the good things that God has given to us." - Y2 Child

"The red ribbon could be a symbol of Jesus' love, it goes on and on and on." - Y3 Child

"The light is to remind us that Christ's love is ever lasting and there to show us the way." - Y6 Child


       IMG_E0032.JPG   Christ 2.jpg   Christ 3.jpg   Christ.jpg

We were thrilled to welcome one of our families into school to teach us all about Chinese New Year. We were delighted to meet their dragon and to have the experience of being inside it. We learnt lots about their culture and had a great time. 

         IMG_1906.JPG     IMG_1892.JPG      IMG_1887.JPG   IMG_1903.JPG    

"I loved being inside the dragon and learning about how important the colour red is to Chinese people. It was so exciting." Y1 child.


During the Easter period, we visited our beautiful Church a number of times where Vicar Andrew helped us to understand the Easter story, the reasons why Lent is such a valuable time for Christians and why forgiveness is at the heart of this Christian celebration.


“Jesus forgave the people who hurt him which must have been tricky for him to do. Sometimes it isn’t easy to forgive my friends if they upset me but we can try and do what Jesus did.” - Y2 child.


Luke 24:6-7: "He is not here; he has risen!"


                           Easter 1.jpg  Easter 4.jpg   Easter 5.jpg


Exploring the Easter story in Owls' Class:


                                                Easter 2.jpg     Easter 3.jpg



Science and Faith Workshop

Robins had a wonderful Science and Faith Workshop where we explored "Amazing Light" led by Chester Cathedral.

"God is like a mirror."

"God is transparent, he is always there."

"God and Jesus are beautiful like rainbows."

     IMG_4640.JPG  IMG_9556.JPG  IMG_9570.JPG  IMG_9571.JPG



Worship during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the pandemic, we found new ways to worship within our bubbles.  We felt that it was important to collate our reflections on worship and displayed these in the hall so that we could continue to "come together" as a school. Here are a few examples of our worship reflections from this year:


    B1.jpg B2.jpg B3.jpg B4.jpgB5.jpg B6.jpg


Even though we were not able to hold our normal special services in church, such as Christingle and Easter, we still enjoyed beautiful worships in our class bubbles.


World Book Day 

To celebrate World Book Day and our No Outsiders work, each class made a biography book based upon an individual or set of individuals that they have been learning about. Each book features the life story/stories of famous individuals who were courageous advocates and fought for what they believed in under difficult circumstances. These individuals achieved huge successes in their lives and positively impacted the lives of others. We admired their courage, perseverance and faith in their quest for justice. We really enjoyed designing our books in the style of the “Little People, Big Dreams” series. 


Our No Outsiders Biographies 






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