Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness

Our Curriculum


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At Lostock Gralam, we want our children to experience the awe and wonder of God's world so we are always striving to embed new research, practice and ideas within our Curriculum to ensure it is tailored to suit the current needs of our children. 


Our Curriculum Intent

Lostock has a unique curriculum which aims to excite and challenge through knowledge-rich and purposeful exploration which is at the heart of every child. Our curriculum will empower children to be passionate and aspirational about our ever-changing world and inspire them to be the best that they can be.



Our Curriculum Journey:


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2021-2022 Environment

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Our curriculum has continued to be adapted in light of the second nationwide Lockdown between January and March 2021. As a team, we strive to ensure that any lost learning due to the pandemic is covered in our core and foundation subjects through a continuous plan running through and across all year groups. During Phase 1 all classes will focus on their catch up learning before beginning their year group objectives. In Phase 2 (after February half term) we will embark once again on a whole school focus on the Environment.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to view our whole school curriculum overview for 2021-22.


2020-2021 All Together Now


Our curriculum has been adapted in light of the nationwide Lockdown between March 2020 and July 2020. Our Whole school focus is on well being, trauma recovery and mental and physical health for the first half term and will be taught through our All Together Now topic. The focus is on building resilience and overcoming the trauma of lockdown throught a variety of different lessons and activities- PSHCE, Circle time activities, Mindfulness, Physical Activity, Team Building Games, Fitness, Mental health. English and Maths have also been carefully planned to allow increased opportunities to ensure gaps in learning through lockdown are given time and coverage.

Our non-core subject related topics will be taught from October-July allowing for more time and coverage. Planning has been adapted to ensure recovery of he lost learning during lockdown. e.g. The Ancient Civilisation History focus which would normally be covered in Y3 Summer term has been planned into Y4 to ensure progression through the history curriculum.


2019-2020 Adrift

As a school, we are taking part in the Curriculum Development Project run by Ignite alongside our learning partners Chester Zoo and Action Transport Theatre. During this academic year 2019-20, we are continuing to develop an enquiry led approach to the curriculum and will be taking part in a project based around social justice and the refugee crisis. We are looking forward to publishing our curriculum so it is bespoke to the needs of the Lostock child during this academic year.


2018-2019 Chester Zoo

ImageIMG_2371.JPG We are so excited to be taking part in an environmental project in parnership with Chester Zoo and Ignite to work as a whole school to learn about the Palm Oil Environmental Crisis. Our whole school Zoo Project will run between February and May and result in a showcase of work and research by our children to which we will invite our families, friends and local residents. Our teachers are enthusaistic about the chance to attend training in all aspects of the curriculum from English and Maths to developing Inquiry led lessons in Geography and History. 

Please see our page dedicated to our Zoo Project 2019 for more information.

Ignite's Curriculum Project



The wider curriculum- breadth and balance

As part of our aim to ensure that all our children have the same experiences to develop their cultural capital, many extra activities, visits out and visitors in are planned and booked throughout the year to provide enrichment and excitement and to enhance the curriculum further. 

Forest School and Outdoor learning. Our children enjoy the chance to work in our beautiful school grounds (which are continuously being improved and cared for by a dedicated team of Eco enthusiasts). Many of our subjects are planned with the outdoors in mind, from spelling lessons to Science investigations, and from Maths puzzles to Team-building games. Our wooded area is used to dvelop forest school skills such as den-building,  fire safety and fire lighting, gardening and bird watching.

Music is taught throughout school. In Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 all children are taught the ukulele and in Year 5 all children have the opportunity to learn the cello or violin.  We have visiting keyboard and guitar teachers to further enhance this provision. Many children have the opportunity to learn an instrument and we have a large orchestra and choir.

PE is taught by a specialist sports coach as well as our class teachers.  We also have specialist gymnastics and cricket coaches that join us throughout the year.

In Key Stage 2, the  children are taught German by Mrs Judge.

Residential visits play an important part in our school and we give our children opportunities and experiences thay may not have access to otherwise such as trvelling on a tram up the Great Orme, skiing, sitting round camp fires in Delamere forest, visiting a castle. Taking part in trips and in on site outdoor learning encourages our children to experience the awe and wonder of God's world and to show respect and care for the things in it.

Day Trips/Visitors in. Carefully planned visits out and visitors in provide the awe, wonder, excitement and enrichment of our History and Geography curriculum. They encourage a practical, fun and hands on experience for all children and ensure memories are made and kept.

For more information, please look at our curriculum overview at the bottom of the page. Or just pop in and ask us a question we are always happy to help! And remember to follow us @LostockGralamPr for daily updates on everything we are doing.


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