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Online Safety


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The internet provides lots of opportunities for chatting with friends, playing games and creating your own content. To help to ensure you stay safe online you need to follow the SMART rules.




Use the following links to find further information on staying safe online:




Spring 2024

Our Year 5 & 6 children, are looking forward to participating in the 'Caught in the Web' e-safety project which includes a story covering internet safety as well as activities to help inform our children about strategies to help with online bullying and misuse of gaming and social media. 

For more information, follow the link below.

Caught in the Web


Online Safety Workshop - March 2023

Year 5 and 6 attended an online safety workshop delivered by 2Engage who harness the power of drama to deliver important messages about staying safe online. 

"It was good to see real life situations played out for us. I think it will really make me think twice about my actions online." - Y5 Pupil

"Even though I have heard messages about stranger danger before, I think I will remember this one the most. It was quite worrying yet important to see and hear about the stories of real life children." - Y6 Pupil



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