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Swallows WB 17.01.2022

Date: 10th Jan 2022 @ 4:27pm

Welcome back to Swallows Class blog

Week beginning 17th January 2022

Top Table: Eleanor and Megan              Praise: Millie


We have had a fabulous week in Swallows! We have spent more time getting to know each other and the children have behaved impeccably and have been extremely helpful. Sadly, we have taken the decision to cancel the school Christmas performance which we know will be diappointing for the children. However, I am excitied to do a performance in the Summer together!

This week, the children have welcomed a student teacher (Miss Cooper), who will be with us until the Easter holidays. She will work with the children and myself to enhance the teaching and learning.



Please note that our PE days this week are on Monday. Please come to school in your PE uniform as usual on this day. 


Next Week

Next week, we will be exploring more surrounding 'Titanic'. The children will be discovering and identifying how ships have changed over times and investigating the reasons for this. 




Read Write Inc

Please see your child's diary for their reading/sound focus. 


Please spend 10 – 20 minutes reading each day. This can be a combination of Read Write Inc and bedtime story books. Please remember the importance of your child listening to YOU read during this time too. 


During the Spring term our spellings will be focused on the Year Two Common Exception words. We are recapping these from the Autumn term to ensure that the children are secure in how to spell them. These are words that the children will come across frequently in both their reading and writing. We will complete a spelling quiz in class every Friday. Please use your spelling whiteboard to help you to learn your spellings each week. We will write your child's score in their diary each week. This will be written next to the spellings they have been tested on that day. This will be on the page of the previous weeks. 

This week’s spellings to be quizzed on 21st January are listed in your blue reading diary.


Times Tables 



Please complete your times tables work sheet for this week. Some children have now moved onto their silver challenge! Well done!


Please also use Hit the Button and choose the 10 x table facts to help prepare for our silver 10 x tables test which lots of children are now working on.  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button


If you have any worries or queries, please do not hesistate to get into contact with me.

Have a lovely, safe weekend!

Miss Thwaites and Mrs Elson

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