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Toucans W.B. 26.06.23

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 3:33pm

Welcome Back to Toucans’ Weekly Blog ?


Toucans had such a wonderful time during sports day on Wednesday afternoon and, despite the rain, all had an amazing time. Thank you if you were able to come along and support your child and our class.


Praise: Riley

Top Table: Savannah and Mason J


Next Week (W.B. 26.06.23)



  • St. Nicholas Catholic High School have a transition day on Monday 26th June. Pupils are expected to make their own way there for the day and full details have been provided in a letter from their school.
  • We have the new class morning on Tuesday (27th June), so Y6 will spend time with me either enjoying some extra PE or a fun indoor activity.
  • KS2 choir will be visiting our local care homes next Friday afternoon to show off their incredible singing skills!
  • PE will continue to take place on both a Monday and a Friday each week, so please send your child into school wearing their PE kit on these days. PE kits should either be school kits or plain black/navy and should only be worn on PE days.




In English, the children will finish writing some of their favourite memories from throughout their primary school journey and we will begin to write the leavers’ service together as a class.

In maths, we will continue with working on problem solving involving percentages, ratio & proportion, and time. We will also continue with our 4-a-day arithmetic questions each morning to further practice our four operations.

In science, we shall review our experiments and draw a conclusion about what micrograms need in order to grow and survive. We shall also review our learning on living organisms ready for a short science assessment next week.

In history and georgraphy, we shall continue to explore our topic of The Maya. Our focus this week will be their writing system and comparing and contrasting it to our own alphabet. 

In computing, we will continue our unit on ‘growing up in a digital world’. 

In PE, the children will continue their lessons outdoors Mr Ault.



There will be no homework set.


Please remember that if you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to get in contact!


Mr Corkill ?

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