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Starlings WB 14.11.22

Date: 10th Nov 2022 @ 9:17pm

It is that time again! What another busy week we have had in Starlings class.




Friday Superstar: Katie

Top Table: Heidi and Jayden H


Diary Dates

18th November Children in need – non uniform day and Whole school flu immunization
21st November School photographs
23rd November Film night for children - fundraising event £3 per child

 Tuesday 13th December from 2.30pm-5pm, Christmas Fair





Nibbles has eathen through Goldilocks and the three bears!  Goldilocks was shocked and upset that she had been blamed.  I wonder which fairy story Nibbels will eat through next? 

This week the children have enjoyed retelling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.  Next week we will be discussing how Little Red is going to feel when she is also the victim of Nibbles and his antics!! we will also be exploring the plural noun  suffixes of -s and -es.


In maths we will be continuing our theme of addition but will explore it further using missing number equations which will support our understanding of inverse operations.



Please spend 10 – 20 minutes reading each day. This can be a combination of Read Write Inc and bedtime story books. Please remember the importance of your child listening to YOU read during this time too. 

Read Write Inc 

Our RWI lessons start promptly at 9am.  If you are able to drop your child off as near to 8.45 as possible it would be very beneficial.

The children will continue to bring home a Read Write Inc book, a book bag book and a bedtime story each week. This provides them with a variety of familiar, new and challenging texts to read. Bedtime storybooks are to be enjoyed with an adult. Reading TO the children ensures that they experience the magic of a story coming to life and have a purpose and love of reading.

 Please check your child’s diary to find out which group they are in, which sounds they have learnt that week and which books they have in their book bag.  Each time they move to a new group they will receive a RWI book mark.  On this book mark are the ‘red’ words that are practised in that group.  These words inform our spelling quizzes and regular practise supports fluency and confidence in writing. 


On the class page I have uploaded three new files named Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.  These contain the QR codes for all the sounds.  Each video is about ten minutes long and can be viewed by your child independently.  Please check your child's bookbag on a Friday to see which new sounds they have learnt that week and use the videos to support their learning.



The quiz for the spellings will be on WEDNESDAY 16th November.  The spellings are:

  is she was they were 



Our PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Please come to school wearing appropriate PE kit- White t-shirt, black/blue plain hoodie and tracksuit bottoms or shorts, hair tied back and earrings removed or covered. 


Children in KS1 receive free fruit.  Children do not have to bring a snack from home but if you wish to do so we ask that it is a healthy option and just one item, please. Please also rembember we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL. Please can you also make sure that your child only has water in their water bottle.  Juice, howver, is fine at lunchtimes if your child brings a packed lunch.



We love celebrating the children's birthdays and hearing about all the exciting things they are doing. We appreciate that it is not always possible to invite the whole class and we would ask therefore that in these instances that invites are given out before or after school.  Thank you.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us via a note in your child’s diary or through the office if you would like to discuss anything about your child.  admin@lostockgralam.cheshire.sch.uk     01606 668270 

Many thanks Mrs Esling and Mrs Westland

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