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Starlings 7.3.22

Date: 2nd Mar 2022 @ 11:53am

Welcome back to our Starling families.  We hope you all enjoy a well-deserved break.  Can you believe we are half way through the year already!

Thank you so much for taking the time to enjoy sharing stories with your Starling at home.  If your child has received new books recently that you think other children will enjoy and you are happy for them to be in school we would love to share them with the whole of Starlings class.


The children will continue to bring home a Read Write Inc book, a book bag book and a bedtime story each week. This provides them with a variety of familiar, new and challenging texts to read. Bedtime story books are to be enjoyed with an adult. Reading TO the children ensures that they experience the magic of a story coming to life and have a purpose and love of reading.



Starlings were asked to investigate a strange occurrence in the playground this week.  We tiptoed out and found bones!! We thought about why they were there, who had left them and what animal they might have come from. Maybe when we start reading our new class text we will discover the answers to our questions.

curious case of the missing mammoth.png




In maths Starlings class are working on using the < (less than, smaller than) > (greater than, more than) and = (equal to) symbols.


In Religion we have been exploring Good News.  We have discussed how we might share news and we thought about how we take photographs to remember lovely times we have experienced and how we might send these to families and friends. We also discussed good new stories in the bible and we remembered God’s beautiful creation, Jesus being born and Jesus rising on Easter Sunday.

In history we are going to be looking at Mary Anning and the impact she had not only as a palaeontologist but as an influential woman.

 In Science, we continue to explore the topic of animals and humans.  We will be looking at answering some of the questions we wanted to find the answer to before the holidays.


 Please spend 10 – 20 minutes reading each day. This can be a combination of Read Write Inc and bedtime story books. Please remember the importance of your child listening to YOU read during this time too. 



Please refer to your child’s diary for information regarding the sounds that your child has been taught and also the titles of the books they will have at home.


During the Spring term our spellings will be focused on the Year One Common Exception words. These are words that the children will come across frequently in both their reading and writing. We will complete a spelling quiz in class every Friday. Please use your spelling whiteboard to help you to learn your spellings each week. We will write your child's score in their diary each week. This will be written next to the spellings they have been tested on that day. This will be on the page of the previous weeks. 

Spelling Quiz Friday 12th March 2022

said they your you was


Our PE days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday so your child should come to school in their PE kit on these days. Please remember PE kits should either be school kits or plain black/blue. Can we also ask that your child has a drink bottle that is clearly named and contains only water. We also request that if your child wears trainers with laces they are able to independently retie them if they become undone otherwise can they please wear trainers with a Velcro fastening.



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