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Robins week beg. 26th June

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 5:43pm

The children have had such a lovely week in school with Sports Day and our trip to the World Museum in Liverpool. They have been a credit to their class and school. I love the enthusiasm that they show for everything and it is lovely to hear their excited cheering and see them smiling so much!

Please remember to read with your child for 10 - 15 mins daily and record in diary if possible. Also take a look at their reading target which is on a sticker in their diary, some children may have the same target for a few weeks to work on. This term we will be mainly focusing on vocabulary development. 

Spellings for next week will continue to include words from the Statutory Year 3/4 word list. These spellings are hard and often don't link to any of the patterns that we have already covered this year. Therefore we have been looking at different strategies to help us to learn them e.g. looking for smaller words within the word to remember, looking for double letters, drawing around the word, drawing images to help us remember how to spell tricky parts of the word etc.   

heard, heart, height, history, important, island, learn, length

Spelling quiz next week will be on Friday 30th June

In Maths we are currently working on Money so it would be useful to play these games at home and to discuss money problems with your child. Make sure they know the value of each coin and note, can they use different coins to make 50p, 57p etc. Can they add costs of items and give change?


Remember to encourage your child to have a go at the spelling and multiplication games suggested below. 




Use this website below to revise x2, x5, x10, x3, x4 and to focus on learning x8. The children have a x8 times tables sheet for homework this week.


PE days for this half term will be Monday and Friday. We will have our first SWIMMING session on Monday 3rd July

RE - we will be finding out about Hinduism 

Music - we will be listening and appraising different types of music, playing percussion instruments and learning to sing a variety of new songs. 

Computing - we will be finding out about how computers work and using IPads and Laptops to record our findings. 

DT - we will be exploring structures and making our own

Art - We will also be learning about some famous artists - William Kentridge, Georges Seurat and Pable Picasso and creating our own pieces of work based on the individual style of these artists.

Our new History and Geography Topic will focus on Ancient Civilisations.

Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with,

Mrs Whittingham, Miss Wilkinson (Friday) & Mrs Taylor

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