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Goldfinches WB 26.6.23

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 10:33pm

Welcome to Goldfinches’ Weekly Blog

Super sports this week.

Friday Superstar: Archie

Top Table: Hannah and Chloe


Move up morning: On Tuesday next week, Goldfinches will become Skylarks for the morning. They will come to Goldfinches’ classroom as usual to register then go and spend the rest of the morning with the lovely Miss Beattie.

Swimming: In the week beginning 3rd July, Goldfinches will all be swimming daily in our pop up pool. They must have a swimming cap to swim (as I discovered when I forgot to send my son into school with one on his first day swimming!!) The office have some in stock to buy. I would recommend plaiting long hair and removing earrings before school to ensure speedy changing and maximum time in the pool.  

This week we have:

Worked brilliantly together in Sports day- we supported each other and got into the spirit of a bit of competitiveness. We have worked incredibly hard on our assessments (and enjoyed the extra playtime and brain break time within these). We have completed our learning about Refugees within our Home topic with some thoughtful reflections.

Next week we will:

Writing: Continue to read Blue John as inspiration for our own explanation writing.

Spellings: homophone words: words which sound the same but have different meanings and different spellings.

Words to learn at home: herd, heard, threw, through, to, too, two, blue, blew, their, they’re, there

Reading homework: I am really impressed with how the children are choosing such a wide range of books to read in quiet reading time. One of my favourite times of the day is chatting about which books the children have enjoyed and having a 1:1 read. Please help to support this developing love of books and reading at home by listening to and chatting about your child’s reading books daily and signing their diary.

Maths: We will continue our new unit on angles, triangles and rectangles.

Times tables: We are continuing to work on our times tables to ensure we are able to recall as many as we can fluently before we move into Year 5.


If this link doesn’t work on a tablet, try googling Maths Frame Y4 Multiplication check.

Other fun games to try:




PE: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Items from home reminder: there have been some items from home being brought in to school including bracelets and wrist bands. Please ensure these are kept at home so they don’t end up being lost/taken in school and causing distractions and fall outs. Thank you for your support in this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the office if you would like to discuss anything about your child.  admin@lostockgralam.cheshire.sch.uk     01606668270

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Evans, Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Simmonds and Miss Nelson.

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