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Goldfinches WB 12.6.23

Date: 9th Jun 2023 @ 8:00am

Welcome to Goldfinches’ Weekly Blog

Perfect Performers this week.

Friday Superstar: Christopher

Top Table: Lydia and Chloe


Cricket sessions for Goldfinches: It is Goldfinches’ turn to have cricket lessons starting on Tuesday 6th June. Please send your child in their PE kit on Tuesdays. This is in addition to their usual Monday and Friday PE slot.

Times table check- will be carried out over the week.

Non uniform day- Friday 16th in aid of the Share charity. All donations of small change welcome.

This week we have:

…Settled back into school for our final half term of Year 4! Performed brilliantly in our last Ukulele lesson.

Next week we will:

Writing: continue to read our new book Blue John by Belie Doherty which is all about the Blue John mines. We are exploring a rich vocabulary and varying sentence structures.

Spellings: words ending in gue pronounced g:

Words to learn for Friday 16th June: fatigue, colleague, catalogue, dialogue, league, tongue, vague, rogue, analogue, Prague

Reading: we will continue to explore questions from the book ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Saved Our Planet’ and learn about the Shark Lady!

Reading homework: Keep reading daily- reading for just 10-15 minutes a day can have several benefits, such as improving concentration and memory, improving mental stimulation, expanding your vocabulary, improving your sleep quality, and reducing stress. Goldfinches are doing so well with this so please keep it up!

Maths: We are moving on well through fractions and decimals and are now applying our understanding of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 to include decimal numbers.

Times tables: The National Times Table test will be carried out over the week with small groups of children at a time. We have done lots of practice so this will be a very familiar routine.

Keep going with the Maths Frame Multiplication Check to help build their confidence and fluency. 25 questions with a 6 second gap between each one can be tricky and the more they practise, the more confident they will be.


Other fun games to try:




PE: Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the office if you would like to discuss anything about your child.  admin@lostockgralam.cheshire.sch.uk     01606668270

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Evans, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Nelson and Mrs Simmonds.

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