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School Councillors 2022-23





January 2022- We met to discuss the action we could take on the suggestions for improvement in our survey. We prioritised: 1) Promoting the recycling box for toothpaste and toothbrushes. 2) Making the track less slippery. 3) Having more mini goals for the football areas and finding out the school council budget. 4) Sorting out the outdoor reading den to make it cosy and comfortable again.

November 2021- School council carried out a survey in each class to find out what we are doing well in school and what could be even better.

September 2021- Our newest candidates are busy giving speeches and are being elected into office by their classmates.

Mrs Powell met with the school councillors in Y6 to discuss ideas and plans for new outdoor play equipment. Y6 councillors then proposed these plans to the rest of the school council and asked for feedback. 


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Our new school councillors have started the year  in a very different way since returning from Lockdown. We have been unable to meet together as a group and have had yet another lockdown between Jan and March, but have still elected new councillors through our usual class votes. Councillors have been set tasks via Teams and have held meetings with their classes before reporting back to the group via Teams again.

July 2021-

The school councillors had the job of looking through the outdoor equipment catalogue and book marking the equipment they think would be a good choice for the whole school.

The reading raffle ticket was surveyed for ideas and decided by a final vote by the school councillors. 

Class councillors to survey in their own classrooms whether children have enjoyed their 'Geography and History Days' where the curriculum has been taught across the whole day. The majority of children across all classes said they had enjoyed the days. 'It is fun when we get to go outside and make maps' 'I like being able to do history all day and not have to stop for other subjects' 'You get lots more done and it is fun' 'I like working in groups with my friends' 'It is really interesting to learn about the ancient civilisations' 'I loved going to Tattenhall because you got to see everything for real' 'It was so good looking at the Roman weapons when the Roman visitors came in and I loved doing the march outside' 

June 2021- As a link with the Global Goal 'Clean Water and Sanitation,' and Water Aid Worship school councillors launcehed a Water awareness campaign and encouraged children to be mindful of using water in school and at home. Some children made posters. 2 pupils in Y4 were chosen to become the next members of the Northwich Pupil Parliament as they begin Y5 and move through to Y6.

May 2021- As a result of the survey on crisp packets, school councillors launched the Terracycling Crisp packet collection across school. Mrs Brennan kindly offered to deliver the crisp packets to a nearby collection point. 

April 2021 - the school councillors carried out a survey into how many crisp packets we were using at school to see if it was worthwhile starting up a crisp packet collection.

December 2020- the classes voted for the next reading raffle ticket voucher.

September 2020- The new school councillors for this year gave their speeches and were voted into office in a democratic vote.



Our School Councillors of 2019-2020 have had a busy start to their year in office. We meet regularly to discuss issues, suggest solutions and make decisions about life at Lostock Gralam CE Primary School. Unfortunately our meetings were cut short with the arrival of Covid 19 which ended our school year very differently.

Please see below our actions to date:

January 2020: The school Councillors discussed ideas for the voucher for the next Reading Raffle Prize. This has gone to a class vote. Overall scores will be counted and the two highest votes will be the voucher before Easter and before the Summer holiday. Watch this space! 

School Council met to share ideas for questions for a children's survey about school. Mrs Powell loved their ideas and will conduct the survey with the whole school.

Some of the Councillors met to compose an e-mail/letter to parents and carers to remind them of the Cake Sale for KS1 on 12th February (with an optional Valentine's Day theme) and to prepare the letter for KS2 cake sale nearer to Easter.

December 2019: Used our class council meetings to gather ideas for 1) rewards for the class with the best attendance each term. 2) the theme for World Book Day in March. We created a whole school poll with official voting slips, ran a worship to explain what the General Election was and everybody voted on 12th December (The day of the General Election).  The highest votes were- Class party for the best attendance and Fancy dress for the World Book Day.

Playtimes were highlighted again- with the lack of space for football on the yard when wet. Mrs Evans and Mrs Powell found a great offer on extendable basketball hoops which can be used outside and inside and which are a better size for our younger children,.

Cheshire West Climate Emergency: Our Y6 Councillors made a short video clip highlighting their thoughts on climate change. (They included knowledge about unsustainable Palm Oil, single use plastics and their ideas for solutions to this) This clip was sent off to Cheshire West and may be included in a longer video which will be shown to members of Cheshire West during their climate meeting.

November 2019- Action to 'Make One Change' to stop using the plastic bags for snacks after highlighting the concern to Mrs Powell and Mrs Aston who discussed this during a meeting with Edsential. Sharing ideas about how to improve wet playtimes. Wet playtimes have now been improved with games such as Dobble and Uno, lots of colouring, crossword, wordsearch and Suduko books and a huge box of Lego now in our classrooms. Some of the School Council money from previous fundraising events went towards the purchase of these items.

October 2019 -Organising our own classes to vote for a name for our Mascot adopted elephant: Dumbo. Becoming plastic detectives and noticing the use of paper and plastic bags for snack time, single use pots and bottles for milk and yoghurt, crisp packets going in to the bin daily.

September 2019 -preparing our speeches and being voted in by our classmates.


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