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Junior Safety Officers

Junior Safety Officers 2023-24:




Road safety officers are officially known as JSOs (Junior Safety Officers) and work with CWAC to promote road, community and personal safety messages to their fellow pupils and the wider community. Teachers appoint two Year 6 children to fulfil this role. As part of the scheme, the officers are tasked with promoting positive messages about personal safety, road safety, fire safety and community safety, as well as organising competitions and setting up notice boards.


October's safety message was centred on ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ which focused on wearing bright clothes throughout autumn and winter, for the darker nights and shorter days. Our JSOs ran a competition to promote everyone's awareness. Prizes are funded by CWAC which our JSOs must order in advance.

September's first bulletin was raising awareness of engine idling with parents and family members who drop off and pick up children in cars. Our road safety officers lead their first assembly to teach everyone about this.


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