Our Christian Values are Hope, Respect, Friendship, Love, Courage, Forgiveness

Head Students


Children are at the heart of everything we do and Christ is the light that guides us.


Head Students 2023-24



At Lostock Gralam, our school is led by our head students from Toucans' Year 6 class. These roles are a vital part of our primary community, of which the child’s voice is highly valued.

“We were elected by our friends and school staff and are role models for the rest of the school. We help make decisions and set the example for younger children. We consider everyone’s opinions."


This year we have:


We award the weekly sunflower awards in Praise worship each Friday

Introduced the Harvest service in church for KS1 and KS2.

Are part of the School Council, Pupil Parliament or Eco teams so we can help support the children in these groups and share our vision for our school.

This gives us opportunities to help people and helps us find out who we are as a person. Our role helps run the school and makes sure we are part of all decisions the impact us. 


IMG_4593.JPG  This is us in church opening and closing the Harvest Service for KS1 and KS2

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