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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is very important at Lostock…………
The pupils suggested lots of different things that they liked about computing. They described lots of the activities that they had completed but across all year groups, they agreed that using the computers independently and learning about new things and how things are made were the most enjoyable. They particularly liked using the computers to present their work for an audience.

How do you know how well you are doing in PE?
Go to competitions and we self assess at the beginning and end of the session

What do you like about Art? ‘It makes me feel relaxed and happy’  ‘’It is therapeutic.’

How do we find out about the past?  Reading, Timelines, Researching, I-Pads/computers, talking to experts, photographs and pictures, listening, seeing and holding real resources.

We also discussed the timelines running through the classrooms and I explained the continuity and build-up of knowledge up to Y6. We also discussed how individual classes could add to their own timelines as their topics progressed.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

  • There is a wide variety of subjects to write about and it helps you learn how to use punctuation correctly and when I get a job this will help me.
  • I like learning new words.
  • I like how you can learn about punctuation marks which helps improve my writing and gives it more pezazz!
  • I like learning new sentences and making stories up.
  • I like writing down conjunctions because it helps my sentences.
  • I quite like reading tricky bits.

Did you enjoy Inter-Faith Week? What did you like best?

  • We went on a journey to Mecca and I learnt lots of new things about the Salvation Army and what they do
  • We researched Bahai on the computers and then shared what we found out with each other and then with the whole school in worship. It was great to work as a team
  •  I enjoyed the Labyrinth, it was nice and calming                  

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