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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) - German

Spring 2020

The children have really been enjoying their German learning and they can now talk about themselves and their family, name the colours and order days of the week and months of the year. One of their favourite games to play is the 'policeman' game where they have to act as detectives and find the odd one out.

Autumn 2019

Children at Lostock Gralam learn a language throughout Key Stage 2. In Years 3 to 6, the children learn German which provides them with a sound basis before moving onto secondary school. Within weekly German lessons, there is a strong emphasis on fostering an enjoyment of languages. Therefore, songs, rhymes, puppets and games form an integral part of each lesson. Pupils are encouraged to ‘share what they have noticed’, identifying similarities with their own language, as well as differences (such as accents and punctuation). They are encouraged to participate in role-plays to practise and share their learning, and to develop oral confidence.

This term, we will learn greetings and how to introduce ourselves and our family in German. We will also learn some numbers and songs.

Mrs Judge



'I liked tracing the map of Germany and filling it with facts.' - Year 6 child

'I enjoy when I get my friends to translate my German words for me and then I get to mark it.' - Year 5 child




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