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Head Students

Head Students 2022-23



At Lostock Gralam, our school is led by our head students from Toucans Year 6 class. The school council is represented by children from each year group. These roles are a vital part of our primary community, of which the child’s voice is highly valued.

Head students are responsible for representing the school.  They also serve as a good role model for others and share whole school ideas with the school's leadership. 

Our head students share a passion and commitment for school. They are the link between the children, staff and governors at Lostock. They demonstrate positive behaviours and act as role models for all years. The head students support the school at events (such as parents evening/open days, helping out with productions or extra-curricular events). They contribute to the effective running of the school, as directed by any staff member. The head students help to take responsibility as role models for younger students and help to ensure that the school is a safe and secure place for all children. The head students where a red jumper or cardigan instead of our usual blue uniform to ensure that they are easily identifiable by the whole school community.

Our head students have the ability to work productively with others, whilst using their initiative to contribute to the positive ethos of the school. They are also organised, responsible, enthusiastic, and a great ambassador for the school. They maintain excellent behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality.


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