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Did you know that the word 'geography' is derived from Greek and literally means 'to write about the earth'?

Children at Lostock Gralam love learning about our earth and we aim to inspire children to ask about where things are in the world and how they got there and also question the way people interact with the environment.

Our children delight in looking at maps and atlases and we encourage them to have a secure knowledge of the main capital cities, countries and continents in the world. As part of their topic work, each year group has a country to study which always begins with map work and then develops into studying the human and physical features of that area.

In human geography, we teach children to look at the impact and behaviour of people and how they relate to the natural world. This raises many topical issues and debates and we use current affairs and natural disasters to deepen these discussions.

In physical geography, we teach the children to learn about the natural features of the Earth's surface including land formation, climate and vegetation.

We encourage enquiry based fieldwork as part of every topic which means the children use our school and the local environment to observe, measure and record features such as the weather, the traffic and land use. On every school trip, (especially during our residential trips in Year Two to Fox Howl, Year Four to Llandudno and Year Six to Conwy) the children are able to use their geographical skills to plan routes or make comparisons to our local area.

Through our topic based teaching, children make constant cross-curricular links and as they grow, their geography knowledge grows from local, to national to international.

We ensure full coverage of the Geography National Curriculum by following the topics and objectives in the current Programmes of Study.

To find out more about the Geography objectives being covered and the topics covered in each year group, please download the attached files.

In our recent Pupil Voice meeting, children were quoted as saying:

Year 1 ‘I like it in Geography when we use maps’

Year 2 ‘I like looking at maps in Geography’

Year 3 ‘Geography is about what people eat and where they live’.

Year 4 ‘I like map work and finding the places on the map’

Year 5 ‘I like learning about maps and using Ipads for research’

Year 6 ‘I like it when we all get together and use atlases and compasses’





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