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Maths learning at Lostock focuses on fluency, reasoning and problem solving in a child centered and fun way. We begin by securing the basics of early number through direct teaching and child initiated learning. High quality texts and exciting resources in the early years are used to engage the children and provide a context for learning. Excellent outdoor learning opportunitues begin with our reception children and continues through into year six. Making connections, exploring patterns and providing reasons help our children to use and apply their number facts in an interesting and purposeful way. Maths is taught through many other curriculum areas such as PE, science and topic where the children can use and apply their knowledge in a variety of contexts. We provide both a high level of challenge and support for all of our children to enable them to make the continued progress that our data shows. Teachers plan bespoke,stimulating lessons, drawing on a wide range of resources that meet the needs of all learners. Misconceptions in learning are acted upon  immediately and sound interventions are put in place ensuring gaps in learning are closed. Our pupils tell us that they enjoy their maths lessons as teachers help them to improve and find ways that maths can be fun for example completing cross country times tables challenges. 

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Click here to visit the National Curriculum Objectives for Key Stages One and Two Mathematics National Curriculum Objectives

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