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In September 2014, the DfE published a new National Curriculum. In order to prepare for this, all our staff engaged in a wide range of professional development and we dedicated a significant amount of time ensuring that our school fully implements the new National Curriculum. You will find out more information about the curriculum that your child is learning on the class pages, where each class has their yearly plan. If you would like more information about the new National Curriculum, and the subjects that your child will be learning throughout their education, you can look at the curriculum overview and subject specific sections at the bottom of this page.

As a school, we are taking part in the Curriculum Development Project run by Ignite. We are continuing to develop an enquiry led approach to the curriculum and over the academic year 2019-20 will be taking part in a project based around refugees and are looking forward to publishing our curriculum so it is bespoke to the needs of the Lostock child.

At Lostock, we believe that children learn best when they are given real, first-hand experiences. We, therefore, teach most of our history, geography, art & design technology through a topic-based curriculum. As much as possible, we introduce each topic with a 'wow' factor, such as an inspiring visit, a workshop, visitors into school, a drama, a work of art or music, something to stimulate key questions from the children. We aim to incorporate other subjects such as science, maths, computing & music where relevant, but these are generally taught discretely. English is the 'golden thread' that underpins everything we do, so reading, writing, speaking and listening all play a vital role in our topics. 

Music is taught throughout school. In Year 3 and Year 4 all children are taught the ukulele and in Year 5 all children have the opportunity to learn the cello or violin.  We have visiting keyboard and guitar teachers to further enhance this provision. Many children have the opportunity to learn an instrument and we have a large orchestra and choir.

PE is taught by a specialist sports coach as well as our class teachers.  We also have specialist gymnastics and cricket coaches that join us throughout the year.

In addition, our Key Stage 2 children are taught German by Mrs Judge.

For more information please look at the subject or the year group for further detail. Or just pop in and ask us a question we are always happy to help!

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