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Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 2021-22:


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We are proud to announce that we have signed the Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission Charter.  The Commission has pledged to invest more time, money and resources to tackle bullying (especially online) and to work with the Police to make it a punishable offence. 


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Anti-Bullying 2021-2022

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This year for Anti-Bullying week (15th - 19th November), our ambassadors succesfully led two assemblies to explain to children what bullying was and how to get help and support if they felt they were being bullied. The theme this year was 'One Kind Word' and all the children took part in a 'ripple effect' excercise where they 'passed' a kind word or smile on. Each class also completed an activity to discuss scenarios when someone had been kind to them and explained how that made them feel.

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We are proud that our school joined millions of students taking the pledge against bullying in The Big 2021 #AntiBullyingAssembly on the 4th October 2021.

The last 18 months have been a difficult time for us all and it’s important that our children feel supported on their return to school.  We have explained how it’s ok to have mixed feelings about being back in school - some of us might be excited to see their friends again and some may be worried or anxious about what the new school year will bring. But by coming together, welcoming one another back and reminding everyone of the need for mutual respect in our school and communities, our children will make a flying start. 

Watch this space for news about our anti-bullying activities as part of Anti-Bullying Week (15th-19th November 2021) .

Our Year 6 ambassadors are working tirelessly to stand up to bullying and make our school a happy and safe place for everyone.


Anti-Bullying 2020 - 2021  


Our anti-bullying ambassadors have had a busy week launching our ‘Odd Socks’ campaign. This began with a day where all children were invited to wear odd socks so we could celebrate what makes us unique. The theme also links beautifully with the work we do in school on No Outsiders. Our ambassadors challenged children to design their very own odd sock which will then be displayed on a washing line so we can spot and celebrate all our differences.

As we are not able to gather together in our normal way to support Anti-Bullying Week, our eldest ambassadors in Year 6 produced a fantastic video. This has been shared with the children and reminds them what bullying is (and isn’t), the different types of bullying they may encounter and most importantly what to do if they are affected by this.

A couple of key messages from our ambassadors are:

We’re all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we’re united against bullying.

We are proud to have signed the Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission Charter to work together to prevent bullying.


Anti-Bullying 2019 - 2020


We have decided to nominate a new team to lead anti-bullying across our school. The children chosen attended a training course run by the Diana Award where they learnt how to become anti-bullying ambassadors.

These ambassadors are good listeners, kind and full of empathy which enables them to support our children in school. 

Their first job was to launch the campaign to the school during anti-bullying week. During this assembly, they clearly defined bullying and also explained what bullying isn’t. They taught our children about the different types of bullying (verbal, indirect and physical) and most importantly what to do if someone was being bullied.

We are very proud of our ambassadors and the children enjoyed an antibullying assembly which was led by them.

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