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Puffins 2021 - 2022

Puffins Class 2021-2022

Welcome to Puffins class. 

Our class teacher is Mrs. Shimmin and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Simmonds and Theresa. 

Puffins class is a low-sensory replication of other classrooms. We have 9 children from EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two who access Puffins class for all or part of the day.

Puffins class curriculum is planned by Mrs. O'Marah (SENDCo), Mrs. Shimmin (Puffins class teacher) and our other class teachers. In Puffins class, there is a specific timetable of sensory activities for children to access and complete throughout the day. 

Puffins class timetable

Autumn Term Curriculum Coverage

Our English and Maths learning matches that of our Year group class, so please look for this page on the website.

This half term, our wider curriculum coverage will be:

EYFS and Key Stage One

In Art and Design we will be:

·         Practising making different marks with pencils.

In History we will be:

·         Exploring what the past is and how we can find out about the past

·         Investigating how things have changed since the past

·         Exploring how we know about dinosaurs, finding out about Mary Anning

In Science we will be:

·         Learning to find and classify different animals

·         Identifying different birds in our local environment

·         Learning all about snails!

In PSHE we will be:

·         Learning about how we can play with different people

·         Learning about what a family is

·         Make a family tree

In RE we will:

·         Find out all about the first Christmas.

Key Stage Two

In History we will be:

·         Placing important events from history on a timeline

·         Learning about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, including exploring key questions: how did people live? where did people live?

·         What is Stonehenge? We will build a model of Stonehenge using building blocks and lego

In science we will be

·         Learning about forces and magnets by setting up and carrying out different experiments

In PSHE we will be learning:

·         To find solutions to problems

·         To celebrate what makes us special

·         About what makes a friend and how we can be a good friend.

In RE we will be:

·         Learning about the story of Christmas

·         Finding out about how Christmas was celebrated in the past






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