Year 3 Robins

Robins Class

Class teacher is Mrs O’Marah and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hulse

This term we are using ‘Stig of the Dump’ to inspire our writing and support our learning of The Stone Age!robins-1

We are doing lots of work on describing settings, learning about and comparing characters (cave men and modern-day people), diary writing and persuasive letters.

We are also using the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ to help us to learn more about what life was like in the Stone Age.robins-2

We are enjoying learning about Stone Age houses and looking at all the different things that early humans did to survive. We were privileged to have a prehistoric workshop morning during which we were visited by a cave man!


Spring Term

During Spring term, Robins’ class will be learning all about Ancient Egypt, beginning with some story writing inspired by Shirley Climo’s ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’.


In History, we will be comparing the Christian creation story to the ‘Polytheistic’ Ancient Egyptian story. Then we will explore the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians, including hieroglyphs and the pyramids.


We will enhance our learning with a trip to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit at Warrington Museum where we hear a real mummy is displayed!

In writing we will write explanation texts all about the process of mummification, then in Design and Technology we will make our own sarcophaguses.This will support our Science learning about the human body and its organs, bones and muscles.

In Art and Design we will make our own models and sketches of Scarab Beetles.robins3


In Mathematics, our work on the pyramids will support our learning about properties of 3d and 2d shapes.


In RE, we will be learning all about Islam by exploring what the 5 pillars of Islam are, how and where Muslims worship, and what similarities and differences can be made between Islam and Christianity.

Summer Term

In Summer Term, Robins’ will be exploring the Big Question ‘Where in Europe….’

We will be putting our own ends to the question, finding out about Capital Cities in Europe, and how these compare to our own Capital city.


We will look at places of Worship across Europe in RE, whilst learning about Christians in Europe.


In English, we will be using ‘Leon and the Place Between’ to inspire our writing of adventure stories and performance poems.

The story will lead us to the question ‘Where in Europe was the first circus?’

Our trip this term will take us to Ness Gardens, on a plants and pollination Quest which will support our Science learning.

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